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Polidactilia: Top KOLs in the world

Eduardo Enrique Castilla #1
Eduardo Enrique Castilla
National Institute of Population Medical Genetics (INAGEMP),
Known for Congenital Anomalies |  Birth Defects |  International Clearinghouse |  South America |  Cleft Lip
Iêda Maria Orioli #2
Iêda Maria Orioli
Department of Genetics, Institute of Biology, Federal Univer
Known for Caries Experience |  Folic Acid |  Congenital Malformations |  South America |  Cleft Lip

Jorge Santiago Lopez Camelo #3
Jorge Santiago Lopez Camelo
ECLAMC, Center for Medical Education and Clinical Research (
Known for Congenital Anomalies |  Folic Acid |  Cleft Lip |  South America |  Birth Defects
Maria da Graça da Graça Dutra #4
Maria da Graça da Graça Dutra
LEMC (Laboratory of Congenital Malformations Epidemiology) O
Known for Postaxial Polydactyly |  International Clearinghouse |  Conjoined Twins |  South America |  Folic Acid
Pedro Hernan Cabello #5
Pedro Hernan Cabello
Laboratory of Genetics, School of Health Science, University
Known for Brazilian Population |  Blood Pressure |  Cystic Fibrosis |  Chagas Disease |  Macaca Mulatta
Joaquin Eugenio Paz #6
Joaquin Eugenio Paz
The Neuropsychiatry Group of CEMIC University School of Medi
Known for Congenital Malformations |  Limb Reduction Defects |  Unintended Pregnancies |  Major Depression |  South America
Maria G Dutra #7
Maria G Dutra
ECLAMC at Departmento de Genetica, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, F
Known for Current Teratogen |  Simple Model |  South America |  Limb Reduction Defects |  Unintended Pregnancies
Todd M Frazier #8
Todd M Frazier
From the Department of Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins University
Known for Newborn Infant Newborn |  Specific Congenital |  Malformation Rates |  Continental Population |  Groups Humans
EthelDoris N Madueke #9
EthelDoris N Madueke
Human Genetics Laboratory, Departments of Zoology and Chemic
Known for Genetic Variation |  White Fly Trialeurodes |  Frequency Males |  Temperature Requirements |  Parasitoid Encarsia
J Mohan #10
J Mohan
Known for Spinal Cord Compression |  Phenolic Compounds |  Acute Hepatic Encephalopathy |  Diaphyseal Aclasis |  Fibrinogen Degradation Products