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Postpartum Period

Michael W O'Hara #1
Michael W O'Hara
University of Iowa, Department of Psychological and Brain Sc
Known for Interpersonal Psychotherapy | Depressive Symptoms | Social Support | Childhood Trauma
Cindy‐Lee E Dennis #2
Cindy‐Lee E Dennis
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toro
Known for Peer Support | Mental Illness | Exclusive Breastfeeding | Depressive Symptomatology

Jenifer M Holden #3
Jenifer M Holden
Jenifer Holden is a Psychology Lecturer in the Department of
Known for Trial Intervention | Postnatal Depression | Emotional Problems | Health Visitors
Ruth Sagovsky #4
Ruth Sagovsky
Department of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh. | Departm
Known for Health Visitors | Postnatal Depression | Mrcpsych Examination | Career Survey
J L Cox #5
J L Cox
Department of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh. | Departm
Known for Trial Intervention | Post Partum | General Practice Setting | Health Visitors
Katherine Leah Wisner #6
Katherine Leah Wisner
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwestern Univer
Known for Pregnant Women | Fatty Acids | Depressive Symptoms | Postpartum Depression
Samantha E Meltzer‐Brody #7
Samantha E Meltzer‐Brody
Department of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina Chape
Known for Psychiatric Disorders | United States | Social Support | Mental Health
Cheryl Tatano Beck #8
Cheryl Tatano Beck
Cheryl Tatano Beck is a Distinguished Professor, University
Known for Birth Trauma | Nursing Students | Content Validity | Panic Disorder
Jeannette Milgrom #9
Jeannette Milgrom
Parent-Infant Research Institute, Melbourne School of Psycho
Known for Depressive Symptoms | Perinatal Period | Preterm Infants | Digital Trials
Gideon Gideon #10
Gideon Gideon
Adelson School of Medicine, Ariel University, Israel | Mothe
Known for Pregnant Women | Pregnancy Outcome | Folic Acid | Fetal Safety

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