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Presión Arterial: Top KOLs in the world

Giuseppe Mancia #1
Giuseppe Mancia
University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy (G.M., G.G.). | U
Known for Metabolic Syndrome |  Cardiovascular Risk |  Hypertensive Patients |  Blood Pressure |  Heart Rate
Alberto Zanchetti #2
Alberto Zanchetti
Istituto Auxologico Italiano, IRCCS, and Università degli St
Known for Essential Hypertension |  Renin Release |  Ventricular Hypertrophy |  Blood Pressure |  Hypertensive Patients

Josep Redón #3
Josep Redón
Cardiometabolic and Renal Risk Research Group, INCLIVA Biome
Known for Essential Hypertension |  Cardiovascular Risk |  Hypertensive Patients |  European Society |  Blood Pressure
Luis Miguel Ruilope #4
Luis Miguel Ruilope
CIBER-CV, Hospital Universitario, 12 de Octubre, Madrid 2804
Known for Cardiovascular Risk |  Hypertensive Patients |  Essential Hypertension |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Blood Pressure
Gianfranco Gianfranco #5
Gianfranco Gianfranco
Department of Cardiovascular, Neural and Metabolic Sciences,
Known for European Society |  Hypertensive Patients |  Cardiovascular Risk |  Blood Pressure |  Heart Failure
Robert H Fagard #6
Robert H Fagard
Hypertension Unit, KU Leuven University, Leuven, Belgium. |
Known for Systolic Hypertension |  Heart Rate |  Ventricular Mass |  Hypertensive Patients |  Blood Pressure
Eoin T O'Brien #7
Eoin T O'Brien
The Conway Institute, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ire
Known for European Society |  Systolic Hypertension |  Arterial Stiffness |  Antihypertensive Treatment |  Blood Pressure
Jan Albert Staessen #8
Jan Albert Staessen
Research Institute Alliance for the Promotion of Preventive
Known for Systolic Hypertension |  Renal Denervation |  Arterial Stiffness |  Heart Rate |  Blood Pressure
José Ramón Banegas Banegas #9
José Ramón Banegas Banegas
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, Universidad A
Known for Metabolic Syndrome |  Heart Failure |  Cardiovascular Risk |  Hypertensive Patients |  Blood Pressure
Thomas G Pickering #10
Thomas G Pickering
Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health, Columbia Univer
Known for Ventricular Mass |  African Americans |  Ambulatory Monitoring |  Hypertensive Patients |  Blood Pressure