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Primary Peritoneal Cancer: Top KOLs in the world

Ignace B P Vergote #1
Ignace B P Vergote
Belgium and Luxembourg Gynaecological Oncology Group (BGOG),
Known for Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy |  Advisory Consultancy |  Weekly Paclitaxel |  Maintenance Therapy |  Ovarian Cancer
Eric Pujade‐Lauraine #2
Eric Pujade‐Lauraine
ARCAGY-GINECO, and GINECO, Paris, France; | Groupe ARCAGY-GI
Known for Advisory Consultancy |  Phase Iii |  Travel Accommodation Expenses |  Maintenance Olaparib |  Ovarian Cancer

Gunnar Balle Kristensen #3
Gunnar Balle Kristensen
Department of Gynecological Oncology, Norwegian Radium Hospi
Known for Dna Ploidy |  Prognostic Significance |  Cervical Carcinoma |  Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy |  Ovarian Cancer
Michael Leonard Friedlander #4
Michael Leonard Friedlander
Department of Medical Oncology, Prince of Wales Hospital and
Known for Maintenance Olaparib |  Brca1 Genes |  Advisory Consultancy |  Brca Mutation |  Ovarian Cancer
Amit Manulal Oza #5
Amit Manulal Oza
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network,
Known for Advisory Consultancy |  Maintenance Olaparib |  Advanced Solid Tumors |  Brca Mutation |  Ovarian Cancer
Maurie M Markman #6
Maurie M Markman
Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philadelphia, PA 19124,
Known for Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy |  Gynecologic Oncology |  Antineoplastic Agents |  Peritoneal Cavity |  Ovarian Cancer
Aghajanian Aghajanian #7
Aghajanian Aghajanian
Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Cent
Known for Advisory Consultancy |  Fallopian Tube |  Maintenance Olaparib |  Brca Mutation |  Ovarian Cancer
Robert Allen Burger #8
Robert Allen Burger
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Division of Gynecolog
Known for Gynecologic Oncology |  Radical Hysterectomy |  Fallopian Tube |  Adjuvant Therapy |  Ovarian Cancer
Mark F Brady #9
Mark F Brady
NRG Oncology; Clinical Trial Development Division; Biostatis
Known for Phase Iii |  Residual Disease |  Estramustine Phosphate |  Gynecologic Oncology |  Ovarian Cancer
Stephen C Rubin #10
Stephen C Rubin
Abramson Cancer Center at University of Pennsylvania, Philad
Known for Gynecologic Oncology |  Radiation Therapy |  Fallopian Tube |  Intestinal Obstruction |  Ovarian Cancer


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