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    KOL Index score: 1686

    An ipsilateral upper neck trigger point was found in 21 of 24 patients with unilateral headache. During the prodromic period this trigger point was detected as a tender protrusion on neck palpation. In 18 out of 24 patients it was also found during the headache-free period. On standard roentgenogram, this protrusion seemed to be a laterally developed C2 spinous process. The EMG study showed latent trapezius hypertonicity on the side of the headache, even during the headache-free period. ...

    Also Ranks for: Upper Cervical |  unilateral headache |  neck muscles |  physical examination |  spinous process
    KOL Index score: 958

    Two days after an experimental whiplash performed on anesthetized Long-Evans female rats, without any direct blow to the head, we observed: (1) a hypotension (in supine position) (P less than 0.01), (2) a disturbance of the postural regulation of cerebral blood flow (P less than 0.01), (3) a disturbance of learning behavior characterized by decreased acquisition and retention (conditioned avoidance response and labyrinth tests), (4) an increase of the dopamine level (whole brain, ...

    Also Ranks for: Cervical Injury |  whiplash injuries
    KOL Index score: 924
    Also Ranks for: Proctalgia Fugax |  diltiazem female humans


    Jacques Boquet: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which Jacques Boquet is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    whiplash rats #2
    remarkably aggressive behavior #2
    labyrinth tests #2
    rats experimental whiplash #2
    experimental whiplash #6
    edema conditioning #7
    experimental cranio #9
    dopamine level brain #13
    hypothalamus corpus striatum #54
    1 hypotension #65
    3 disturbance #74
    increase thalamus #74
    learning norepinephrine #78
    disturbance learning #90
    decreased acquisition #94

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    Volker F Eckardt
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    Gudrun Bernhard
    pneumatic dilation early gastric cancer chest pain
    Gerd Kanzler
    early gastric cancer scant hematochezia proctalgia fugax
    Oliver Dodt
    proctalgia fugax salbutamol inhalation anorectal function
    W G Thompson
    irritable bowel peptic ulcer total creatine kinase
    Richard F Harvey
    coeliac disease pancreatic juice plasma gastrin

    Jacques Boquet:Expert Impact

    Concepts for whichJacques Boquethas direct influence:Proctalgia fugax,  Postural regulation,  Whiplash rats,  Thalamus hypothalamus,  Dopamine level brain,  Hypothalamus corpus striatum,  Rats experimental whiplash,  Experimental whiplash.

    Jacques Boquet:KOL impact

    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Jacques Boquet has influence:Proctalgia fugax,  Unilateral migraine,  Cervicogenic headache,  Whiplash injury,  Chronic anal fissure,  Cervical spine,  Neck mobility.



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