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Program Danish

Jeffrey M Rothschild #1
Jeffrey M Rothschild
Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Har
Known for Work Hours | Icu Telemedicine | Electronic Prescribing | Medication Errors
Peter Vedsted #2
Peter Vedsted
International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership, Cancer Resear
Known for Cancer Diagnosis | Testicular Microlithiasis | Alarm Symptoms | Diagnostic Interval

Andrew John Rugg‐Gunn #3
Andrew John Rugg‐Gunn
School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle u
Known for Oral Health | Fluoride Concentration | Dietary Intake | Sri Lanka
Sven Poulsen #4
Sven Poulsen
Health, Aarhus University Department of Dentistry Pediatric
Known for Demarcated Opacities | Danish Children | Emergency Oral Health | Permanent Molars
Flemming Bro #5
Flemming Bro
Research Unit for General Practice, Aarhus, Denmark | Resear
Known for Prostate Cancer | Vaginal Discharge | Patient Delay | Telephone Triage
Sven Helm #6
Sven Helm
Institute for Community Dentistry and Graduate Studies, Roya
Known for Orthodontic Treatment | Danish Schoolchildren | Permanent Tooth Emergence | Malocclusion Traits
Ingolf J Møller #7
Ingolf J Møller
Oral Health Unit, World Health Organization, Copenhagen, Den
Known for Enamel Hypoplasia | Fluoride Uptake | Vitro Studies | Histological Features
P J Holloway #8
P J Holloway
Turner Dental School, University of Manchester, Manchester M
Known for General Anaesthesia | Tooth Extraction | United Kingdom | Health Visitors
J Risager #9
J Risager
Municipal Child Dental Service, Ebeltoft, Denmark | Departme
Known for Public Health Program | Dmfs Children | Nursing Staff | Dental Caries
Bjorn Seidler #10
Bjorn Seidler
Institute of Orthodontics, Royal Dental College, Copenhagen,
Known for Premolar Jaw | Mandibular Canine | 1 Molar | Permanent Tooth Emergence