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Prospective Multicentric

ReneJean J Bensadoun #1
ReneJean J Bensadoun
Department of Radiology Oncology, Centre De Haute Energie, 1
Known for Neck Cancer | Oral Mucositis | Radiation Therapy | Salvage Surgery
Daniel F Daniel #2
Daniel F Daniel
Stuart B. Padnos Professor of Breast Cancer Research, Univer
Known for Tumor Cells | Adjuvant Chemotherapy | Estrogen Receptor | Clinical Oncology

PierreYves René Marcy #3
PierreYves René Marcy
Groupe ELSAN Department of Radiology, Clinique Les Fleurs, A
Known for Thyroid Nodules | Neck Cancer | Central Venous Catheters | Percutaneous Cementoplasty
Jianping ZHAO #4
Jianping ZHAO
Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Tongji H
Known for Clinical Characteristics | Copd Patients | Small Airway Dysfunction | Airway Inflammation
Fallowfield Fallowfield #5
Fallowfield Fallowfield
University of Sussex, Sussex, United Kingdom | SHORE-C, Brig
Known for Quality Life | Bone Metastases | Postmenopausal Women | Zoledronic Acid
Jun‐Gang Xie #6
Jun‐Gang Xie
Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Nation
Known for Cyclin D1 | Airway Inflammation | Lung Function | Cigarette Smoke
Frédéric Peyrade #7
Frédéric Peyrade
Department of Hematology, Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nice, F
Known for Elderly Patients | 80 Years | Squamous Cell | Head Neck
Juliette Thariat #8
Juliette Thariat
Radiation Oncology Department, Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Un
Known for Head Neck | Squamous Cell | Rare Cancer Network | Breast Cancer
Emmanuel Chamorey #9
Emmanuel Chamorey
Department of Statistics, Centre Antoine Lacassagne, 33 aven
Known for Predictive Factors | Breast Cancer | Elderly Patients | Tumor Cells
François Demard #10
François Demard
Institut Universitaire de La Face Et du Cou, Centre Antoine
Known for Predictive Factors | Induction Chemotherapy | Neck Cancer | Functional Outcomes