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    A recent report1 on the pathology and histochemistry of arcus senilis emphasized the lipid nature of the corneal deposits and suggested that an understanding of arcus formation might explain some of the factors involved in fat deposition in other nonadipose tissues of the body.Although these investigators identified the components of arcus as probably a cholesterol derivative with some associated phospholipid and glyceride, the values obtained were necessarily only semiquantitative, and ...

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    1.1. Incubation of rabbit cornea in a sodium oleate-serum mixture was found by silicic acid chromatography of the extracted lipid to increase markedly the triglyceride content of this tissue. In the presence of 7 μmoles of sodium oleate per ml of serum the cornea was observed to synthesize triglyceride at the rate of approx. 10 μmoles/g of wet tissue/48 h.2.2. Use of sodium [I-14C]oleate and [14C6]glucose established these compounds as precursors in this synthetic process. An isotope ...

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    Interocular protein transfer was demonstrated after intravitreal injection of isotopically labeled bovine serum albumin into one eye of rabbits. The transfer of the trace molecule occurs by a nonhematogenous pathway. These experiments indicate that cerebrospinal fluid route and/or the ipsilateral optic nerve-chiasm-contralateral optic nerve are probably not the pathway mediating nonhematogenous interocular protein transfer.

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    J Stevens Andrews: Influence Statistics

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    Concept World rank
    minor components lack #1
    components arcus #1
    arcus senilis quantities #1
    lipids arcus senilis #1
    arcus formation factors #1
    observed arcus purpose #1
    definitive histochemical test #1
    cornea arcus #1
    observed arcus #1
    arcus senilis report1 #1
    lipids arcus #3
    arcus formation #4
    cornea fatty #8
    cholesterol derivative phospholipid #8
    senilis cornea #10
    quantities minor #11
    minor fashion #18
    cornea rate #21
    principal lipid components #29
    arcus senilis #54

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    Toichiro Kuwabara
    electron microscopy retinal vascular patterns pigment epithelium
    David G Cogan
    intraocular melanoma retinal vascular patterns dysplastic nevus syndrome
    J Stevens Andrews
    arcus senilis lipid analysis rabbit cornea
    Basil M Rifkind
    hdl cholesterol coronary heart disease plasma lipids
    Stanley Marion Garn
    serum cholesterol tooth size sexual dimorphism
    Menard M Gertler
    serum cholesterol coronary heart disease antithrombin iii

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    Concepts for whichJ Stevens Andrewshas direct influence:Arcus senilis,  Human cornea,  Rabbit cornea,  Lipid analysis,  Components arcus,  Arcus formation,  Minor fashion,  Abnormal quantities.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which J Stevens Andrews has influence:Corneal arcus,  Limbal cornea,  Flurbiprofen sodium,  Cholesterol esters,  Tissue lipids,  Human atherosclerosis,  Aging sclera.



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