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Prurigo Nodular: Top KOLs in the world

Sonja Ständer #1
Sonja Ständer
Center for Chronic Pruritus, Department of Dermatology, Univ
Known for Sensitive Skin |  Quality Life |  Chronic Pruritus |  Prurigo Nodularis |  Atopic Dermatitis
Thomas Anton Luger #2
Thomas Anton Luger
Clinic for Dermatology, University Hospital Münster, Münster
Known for Chronic Pruritus |  Pimecrolimus Cream |  Human Keratinocytes |  Prurigo Nodularis |  Atopic Dermatitis

Dieter Metze #3
Dieter Metze
Department of Dermatology, University of Münster, Münster, G
Known for Prurigo Nodularis |  Hydroxyethyl Starch |  Sebaceous Glands |  Carcinoembryonic Antigen |  Human Skin
Gil Yosipovitch #4
Gil Yosipovitch
Dr Phillip Frost Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Sur
Known for Prurigo Nodularis |  African Americans |  Quality Life |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Chronic Pruritus
Claudia Zeidler #5
Claudia Zeidler
Department of Dermatology and Center for Chronic Pruritus (K
Known for Prurigo Nodularis |  Pemphigus Vegetans |  Quality Life |  Notalgia Paraesthetica |  Chronic Pruritus
Laurent Misery #6
Laurent Misery
Univ Brest, LIEN, Brest, France | Centre Hospitalier Univers
Known for Langerhans Cells |  Quality Life |  Sensory Neurons |  Sensitive Skin |  Atopic Dermatitis
Ngoc Quan Phan #7
Ngoc Quan Phan
Department of Dermatology, Center for Chronic Pruritus, Univ
Known for Visual Analogue Scale |  Prurigo Nodularis |  Chronic Pruritus |  Notalgia Paraesthetica |  Body Concept
Adam Reich #8
Adam Reich
Department of Dermatology, University of Rzeszow, Rzeszów, P
Known for Atopic Dermatitis |  Sensitive Skin |  Toenail Onychomycosis |  Prurigo Nodularis |  Lupus Erythematosus
Elke Weisshaar #9
Elke Weisshaar
Heidelberg University Hospital | Occupational Dermatology, D
Known for Hand Eczema |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Sensitive Skin |  Contact Allergies |  Chronic Pruritus
Joanna Wallengren #10
Joanna Wallengren
Department of Dermatology, Lund University Skane University
Known for Contact Dermatitis |  International Forum |  Chronic Prurigo |  Sensitive Skin |  Brachioradial Pruritus


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