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Psychosocial Experiences: Top KOLs in the world

Virginia Braun #1
Virginia Braun
Department of Social Sciences, University of the West of Eng
Known for Cervical Cancer |  Body Hair |  Thematic Analysis |  New Zealand |  Casual Sex
Victoria Clarke #2
Victoria Clarke
Department of Health and Social Sciences, University of the
Known for Bisexual Women |  Anorexia Nervosa |  Lesbian Parenting |  Gay Fathers |  Thematic Analysis

Nancy E Adler #3
Nancy E Adler
Center for Health and Community, University of California, S
Known for Socioeconomic Status |  Racial Discrimination |  Diabetes Study |  Food Insecurity |  Northern California
Charles S Carver #4
Charles S Carver
Department of Psychology, University of Miami, Coral Gables,
Known for Bipolar Disorder |  Depressive Symptoms |  Benefit Finding |  Dispositional Optimism |  Breast Cancer
Yvonna Sessions Lincoln #5
Yvonna Sessions Lincoln
Texas A&M University, College Station, USA | Department of E
Known for Responsive Evaluation |  Higher Education |  Qualitative Methods |  Human Wellbeing |  Naturalistic Inquiry
No affiliation | Indiana University, 5801 Blue Ridge Drive,
Known for Constructivist Credo |  Administrative Roles |  New Rhetoric |  Configurational Perspective |  Naturalistic Inquiry
Joseph J Pilotta #7
Joseph J Pilotta
Ohio State University, BIGresearch, 3131 Derby Hall, Columbu
Known for Luddite Analysis |  Media Planning |  Community Based |  Technology Transfer
Elissa S Epel #8
Elissa S Epel
Center for Health and Community, University of California, S
Known for Telomerase Activity |  Food Insecurity |  Oxidative Stress |  Cellular Aging |  Telomere Length
David F Cella #9
David F Cella
Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern Universi
Known for Quality Life |  Cancer Therapy |  Physical Function |  Gynecologic Oncology
Karen A Matthews #10
Karen A Matthews
Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of
Known for Depressive Symptoms |  Midlife Women |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Hot Flashes |  Blood Pressure