• Pulmonary Vascular Congestion
  • Pulmonary Vascular Congestion

    Pulmonary Vascular Congestion: Top KOLs in the world

    John G Widdicombe #1
    John G Widdicombe
    University of London, London, UK | Univ London, 116 Pepys Ro
    Known for Blood Flow | Cough Reflex | Mucus Secretion | Ferret Trachea | Smooth Muscle
    Hilary Sellick #2
    Hilary Sellick
    Laboratorio di Fisiologia, Universita di Milano, Italy | Uni
    Known for Vagus Nerve | Cigarette Smoke | Histamine Aerosol | Carbon Dust | Lung Irritant Receptors

    Jere Mead #3
    Jere Mead
    Program in Molecular and Integrative Physiological Sciences,
    Known for Esophageal Pressure | Tidal Volume | Breathing Frequency | Rib Cage | Chest Wall
    Robert L Johnson, #4
    Robert L Johnson,
    From the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Texa
    Known for Blood Flow | Lung Volume | Gas Exchange | Cardiac Output | Diffusing Capacity
    Vito Brusasco #5
    Vito Brusasco
    Centro Polifunzionale di Scienze Motorie, Dipartimento di Me
    Known for Airway Responsiveness | Nedocromil Sodium | Lung Volume | Deep Inhalation | Allergen Challenge
    Alan L James #6
    Alan L James
    Medical School, The University of Western Australia, Nedland
    Known for Smooth Muscle | Respiratory Symptoms | Airway Responsiveness | Lung Function | Severe Asthma
    Jeffrey J Fredberg #7
    Jeffrey J Fredberg
    Department of Environmental Health, Harvard T. H. Chan Schoo
    Known for Cell Mechanics | Rib Cage | Transient Stretch | Airway Area | Smooth Muscle
    Jason H T Bates #8
    Jason H T Bates
    Pulmonary/Critical Care Division, Department of Medicine, Un
    Known for Lung Injury | Airway Resistance | Mechanical Ventilation | Smooth Muscle | Respiratory Mechanics
    Francis John Worsley Roughton #9
    Francis John Worsley Roughton
    Dept. of Biophysical Chemistry and Colloid Science, Universi
    Known for Sheep Haemoglobin | Chemical Reaction | Heat Effects | Blood Corpuscle | Carbon Monoxide
    R E Forster #10
    R E Forster
    Graduate Department of Physiology, University of Pennsylvani
    Known for Breath Holding | Partial Pressure | Carbon Monoxide | Hemoglobin Solution | Diffusing Capacity

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