Parisa Mansoori

Parisa Mansoori

Department Of Dermatology, Razi Hospital, Tehran University Of Medical Sciences, Vahdat-Eslami Street, 11996 Tehran, Iran

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pyogenic granuloma
direct immunofluorescence
scar formation
pemphigus vulgaris
electrode size
upper cretaceous
computer-aided dermoscopy

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severe chronic plaque psoriasis
pyogenic granuloma
local ethical committees
follicular infundibulum
international indicators
iranian universities
anti-cd6 monoclonal antibody

Prominent publications by Parisa Mansoori

KOL-Index: 124 Background: A substantial growth has been reported in Iran's health research output over the last recent decades, throughout the times of economic, social, and political instability. This study reviewed the existing literature to provide a better understanding of the evolution of Iran's health research system over this period. Methods: A narrative review of studies addressing health research ...
Known for
Narrative Substantial | Hrs Decades | Framework Functions | Components Increasing
KOL-Index: 45 Background: A substantial growth has been reported in Iran's number of clinical, biomedical, and public health research publications over the last 30 years. It is of interest to investigate whether this quantitative growth has also led to a larger number of papers with a high citation impact; to explore where the capacity for performing research lies; and which fields/institutions are ...
Known for
Tdp Drilling | Δ13ccarb | Cretaceous | Lower Cenomanian
KOL-Index: 36 Abstract: The treatment of psoriasis has evolved over the years, with the recent focus largely on the use of biologics and anti-interleukin-17 agents. With treatment options expanding, practitioners and patients may find control of psoriasis more convenient and safer to achieve. In this article, we review the literature on emerging medications for the treatment of psoriasis. Although some of ...
Known for
Premarketing Trials | Biologics Emerging | Options Psoriasis | Medications Anti
KOL-Index: 26 Electrosurgical currents can be delivered to tissue in monopolar or bipolar and monoterminal or biterminal modes, with the primary difference between these modes being their safety profiles. A monopolar electrosurgical circuit includes an active electrode and a dispersive (return) electrode, while there are 2 active electrodes in bipolar mode. In monoterminal mode, there is an active ...
Known for
Monoterminal Active | Monopolar Electrosurgical Circuit | Safety Profiles | Electrode Dispersive
KOL-Index: 25 The term electrosurgery (also called radiofrequency surgery) refers to the passage of high-frequency alternating electrical current through the tissue in order to achieve a specific surgical effect. Although the mechanism behind electrosurgery is not completely understood, heat production and thermal tissue damage is responsible for at least the majority--if not all--of the tissue effects in ...
Known for
Leads Tissue | Temperature Boiling | Effects Electrosurgery | Passage Current
KOL-Index: 21 BACKGROUND: Deep erythema and inflammation after re-epithelialization of superficial wounds is a sign of scar formation. Corticosteroids may prevent scarring by suppression of inflammation and fibroblast activity. Tretinoin may increase the efficacy of corticosteroids in this setting. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of corticosteroids plus tretinoin for prevention of scars after ...
Known for
Epithelialization Superficial | Tretinoin Scar | Fibroblast Activity | Clobetasol Propionate
KOL-Index: 20 BACKGROUND: The association of alopecia areata (AA) with nuchal nevus flammeus (NNF) has been demonstrated by previous studies. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate whether AA is associated with NNF. METHODS: 199 AA patients and 215 controls without AA were examined for the presence of NNF. RESULTS: 35 patients (17.6%) in the AA group had NNF. In the control group, 20 ...
Known for
Areata Alopecia | Flammeus | Nuchal
KOL-Index: 15 Background: In 2015, it was estimated that the burden of disease in Iran comprised of 19 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), 74% of which were due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The observed leading causes of death were cardiovascular diseases (41.9%), neoplasms (14.9%), and road traffic injuries (7.4%). Even so, the health research investment in Iran continues to remain ...
Known for
Road Traffic | Targets Iran
KOL-Index: 14 Tumor of follicular infundibulum (TFI) is currently believed to be a benign epithelial neoplasm with follicular differentiation. It has been suggested that TFI is associated with dermal scarring, but further investigation is needed to confirm this correlation. To approach this question, a retrospective study was presented, a total of 67 cases (64 lesions) were found in a search covering ...
Known for
Scarring Tumor | Reaction Dermal | Infundibulum

Department of Dermatology, Razi Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Vahdat-Eslami Street, 11996 Tehran, Iran

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