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Louis-Philippe Boulet

Louis-Philippe Boulet

Quebec Heart And Lung Institute, Laval University, Québec City, Canada.

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mild asthma
nasal polyposis
pleural effusion
spirometry test
guideline implementation
cardiac surgery
mobile application

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allergic rhinitis
asthma multimorbidity
mobile technology
aria phase
oral corticosteroid
chronic rhinosinusitis
chest guideline

Prominent publications by Louis-Philippe Boulet

KOL-Index: 315 The selection of pharmacotherapy for patients with allergic rhinitis aims to control the disease and depends on many factors. Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) guidelines have considerably improved the treatment of allergic rhinitis. However, there is an increasing trend toward use of real-world evidence to inform clinical practice, especially because ...
Known for
Mobile Technology | Increasing Trend | Guidelines Allergic | Maladies Chroniques
KOL-Index: 310 BACKGROUND: This is an update of the section on complications that are associated with coughing in the 2006 CHEST cough guidelines that addresses two aims: (1) to systematically identify and thematically categorize the diverse complications of cough by providing a guide for future studies and (2) to identify gaps in the literature for future research. RESEARCH QUESTION: What are the ...
Known for
Complications Reported | Coughing Scoping | Thematically | Threatening
KOL-Index: 255 OBJECTIVE: The large amount of evidence and the renewed interest in upper and lower airways involvement in infectious and inflammatory diseases has led Interasma (Global Asthma Association) to take a position on United Airways Diseases (UAD). METHODS: Starting from an extensive literature review, Interasma executive committee discussed and approved this Manifesto developed by Interasma ...
Known for
Management Plan | Lower Airways | Uad Interasma
KOL-Index: 128 BACKGROUND: Cough is one of the most common presenting symptoms to general practitioners. The objective of this article is to collate the pediatric components of the CHEST chronic cough guidelines that have recently updated the 2006 guidelines to assist general and specialist medical practitioners in the evaluation and management of children who present with chronic cough. METHODS: We ...
Known for
2006 Guidelines | Pediatric Components | Chest Cough | Managing Chronic
KOL-Index: 117 Objective: The optimal use of drug combinations for the management of asthma is providing significant results. This has prompted Interasma (Global Asthma Association) to take a position on inhaled triple therapy in asthma.Methods: We performed an extensive literature research to clinical trials, meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews.Results: Starting from an ...
Known for
Meta-Analyses | Commitment | Inhaled | Interasma Executive Committee
KOL-Index: 93 BACKGROUND: Cough is common in pulmonary TB and other chronic respiratory infections. Identifying features that predict whether pulmonary TB is the cause would help target appropriate individuals for rapid and cost-effective screening, potentially limiting disease progression and preventing transmission to others. METHODS: A systematic literature search for individual studies to answer eight ...
Known for
Kq | Who-Endorsed Symptom Screen | Asymptomatic | Lung Cough
KOL-Index: 88 There are large between- and within-country variations in COVID-19 death rates. Some very low death rate settings such as Eastern Asia, Central Europe, the Balkans and Africa have a common feature of eating large quantities of fermented foods whose intake is associated with the activation of the Nrf2 (Nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2) anti-oxidant transcription factor. There are ...
Known for
Activation | Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor | Interacting Foods | Obesity
KOL-Index: 87 The prevalence of allergic airway diseases such as asthma and rhinitis has increased dramatically to epidemic proportions worldwide. Besides air pollution from industry derived emissions and motor vehicles, the rising trend can only be explained by gross changes in the environments where we live. The world economy has been transformed over the last 25 years with developing countries being at ...
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Warming | Atmosphere | Allergy | Hand
KOL-Index: 65 BACKGROUND: Acute bronchiolitis is common in young children, and some children develop chronic cough after their bronchiolitis. We thus undertook systematic reviews based on key questions (KQs) using the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) format. The KQs were: Among children with chronic cough (> 4 weeks) after acute viral bronchiolitis, how effective are the following ...
Known for
1 Antibiotics | Reviews Interventions | 2 Asthma Medications | Directions
KOL-Index: 59 BACKGROUND: We performed systematic reviews using the population, intervention, comparison, outcome (PICO) format to answer the following key clinical question: Are the CHEST 2006 classifications of acute, subacute and chronic cough and associated management algorithms in adults that were based on durations of cough useful? METHODS: We used the CHEST Expert Cough Panel's protocol for the ...
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Cough Guidelines | Pico Format | Chest Physicians | Delphi Methodology

Quebec Heart and Lung Institute, Laval University, Québec City, Canada.

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