David J. Cowin

David J. Cowin

Department Of Orthopaedics, University Of Florida, Gainesville, Fl

Direct Impact

Concepts for which David J Cowin has direct influence:

radial nerve
upper extremity
snake bites
long-term complications
fixation methods
thigh mass
biomechanical comparison

External impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for which David J Cowin has influence:

metatarsophalangeal joint
great toe

Prominent publications by David J. Cowin

KOL-Index: 7 Significant excursion of the ulnar nerve is required for unimpeded upper extremity motion. This study evaluated the excursion necessary to accommodate common motions of daily living and associated strain on the ulnar nerve. The 2 most common sites of nerve entrapment, the cubital tunnel and the entrance of Guyon's canal, were studied. Five fresh-frozen, thawed transthoracic cadaver specimens ...
Known for
Elbow Flexion | Cubital Tunnel | Wrist Extension | Nerve Entrapment
KOL-Index: 7
KOL-Index: 5 A simulated metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis was performed on 18 pairs of cadaveric great toes. One toe of each pair was fixed with a 4.0-mm oblique AO cancellous screw. The contralateral toe was fixed with one of three techniques: (1) a miniplate placed dorsally; (2) a 4.5-mm Herbert cannulated screw placed from the metatarsal neck into the medullary canal of the proximal phalanx; or ...
Known for
Simulated Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis | Cadaveric Great Toes | 18 Pairs | Dorsiflexion
KOL-Index: 5 The purpose of this study was to determine long-term complications of upper-extremity snake envenomations. The records of 73 patients, who were seen for snake bites were obtained; 46 of these patients had bites to the upper extremity, and 27 had bites to the lower extremity. These patients were graded according to the severity of the bite. The snakes involved were eastern diamondback ...
Known for
Upper Extremity Bites | Occupational Hand Therapist | Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake | Missed Compartment Syndrome
KOL-Index: 3 Five fresh-frozen transthoracic cadaver specimens (ten upper extremities) were dissected in order to measure excursion and strain of the median nerve at the wrist and the elbow in association with different positions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers. The relationships between motions of the joints and excursion and strain at the wrist and the elbow as well as between excursion and ...
Known for
Motion Wrist | Fingers Excursion
KOL-Index: 3 PURPOSE: This study evaluated the excursion necessary to accommodate common motions of daily living and associated strain on the radial nerve. The radial nerve was evaluated at the wrist and proximal to the elbow before it bifurcated. METHODS: Five fresh-frozen transthoracic cadaver specimens (10 arms) were dissected; the radial nerve was exposed at the elbow and wrist only enough to be ...
Known for
Excursion Motion | Radial Deviation | Mechanical Neuropathy | Microsuture

Department of Orthopaedics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

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