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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The use of patient-controlled epidural analgesia after various operations has been associated with an early return of bowel function, thus decreasing patients' length of stay (LOS). The primary aim of this study was to compare LOS after radical cystectomy between patients who received epidural analgesia versus those who received intravenous patient-controlled analgesia. Our secondary analysis included the assessment of other metrics such as total opioid ...

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Postmastectomy pain syndrome is common after surgical treatment for breast cancer and may be challenging to manage. Currently, there are a wide variety of approaches to treat this type of pain, including medications, physical therapy, and interventional procedures. However, because of the complexity of innervation of the breast, the serratus plane block may better target the web of nerves innervating the anterior chest wall including the breast. We present a case series of 8 patients who ...

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INTRODUCTION: Tumors invading the chest wall and pleura are often incurable, and treatment is targeted toward palliation of symptoms and control of pain. When patients develop tolerance or side effects to systemic opioid therapy, interventional techniques can better optimize a patient's pain. We performed a retrospective review of 146 patients from April 2004 to January 2014 who underwent diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for pain relief. Using four patients as a paradigm for ...

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BACKGROUND: Patients with pain from advanced cancer often have limited life expectancy. Undergoing an epidural trial for placement of an intrathecal pump in these selected patients can exhaust limited days of life. We sought to analyze historical data at our cancer center to develop an algorithm to predict initial intrathecal pump dosing based on the starting preimplant systemic opioid regimen, thus averting an epidural trial and minimizing hospital stay.

METHODS: We used data pre- and ...

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The Memorial Sloan Kettering Pain Registry contains patient characteristics, treatments, and outcomes for a prospective cohort of 1,534 chronic pain cancer patients who were seen at outpatient pain service clinics. Average pain intensity (Brief Pain Inventory) was reported as mild by 24.6% of patients, moderate by 41.5%, and severe by 33.9%. The patient's report of average percent pain relief and health state (EuroQOL 5 dimensions) was inversely related to average pain intensity ...

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Introduction: Tumors invading the sacrum and/or ilium often represent incurable metastatic disease, and treatment is targeted toward palliation of symptoms and control of pain. As systemic opioid therapy is frequently inadequate and limited by side effects, a variety of interventional techniques are available to better optimize analgesia. Using six patients as a paradigm for interventional approaches to pain relief, we present a therapeutic algorithm for treating sacroiliac tumor-related ...

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INTRODUCTION: Postmastectomy pain syndrome (PMPS) is a significant burden for breast cancer survivors. Although multiple therapies have been described, an evolving field of serratus anterior plane blocks has been described in this population. We describe the addition of the deep serratus anterior plane block (DSPB) for PMPS.

METHODS: Four patients with history of PMPS underwent DSPB for anterior chest wall pain. A retrospective review of these patients' outcomes was obtained through ...

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While the majority of cancer pain patients are successfully managed with conservative medical management, some patients may suffer from intractable pain or intolerable side effects. The implantation of an intrathecal drug delivery system offers many advantages to improve both analgesia and side effect profile. Practitioners may decide to proceed toward implantation after appropriate patient selection, and, when applicable, a suitable trial for the device. Once implantation is completed, ...

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Introduction: Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is secondary to degradation of articular cartilage, reformation of subchondral bone through degradation and proliferation as well as presence of synovitis. Materials & methods: This systematic review was conducted and reported as per Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis guidelines. Results: A total of 30 of the 48 comparators showed statistically significant superiority with platelet-rich ...

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Objectives: The Outpatient Pain Clinics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center participated in developing a pain registry to gain insight on the referral and management of cancer pain as related to demographic information, cancer history, prescription records, and interventional pain procedures stored in the institutional database.

Methods: Five cohorts (subsets of one another) were defined and compared to describe demographics and differences in management and outcomes by age, race, ...

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OBJECTIVE: The sympathetic nervous system has a recognized role in transmission of pain, and the lumbar sympathetic blockade is intended to provide analgesia. We share our experiences of lumbar sympathetic blockade in the treatment of cancer-related pain.

METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of patients with cancer-related pain in the back, abdomen, pelvis, or legs treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center between 2000 and 2018 undergoing lumbar sympathetic blockade at ...

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OBJECTIVE: Breast cancer is the most common female malignancy worldwide. Breast surgery and adjuvant oncological therapies are often required to increase survival. Treatment-related pain may persist and evolve into postmastectomy pain syndrome (PMPS) in a significant subset of breast cancer survivors. In this retrospective investigation, we will present our experience in applying an interventional algorithmic approach to treat PMPS.

DESIGN: A retrospective study.

SETTING: An academic ...

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SUMMARY Choosing the initial medications for intrathecal delivery is often confusing and not standardized. We describe a novel way for using a combined spinal-epidural technique to compare two first-line medications for intrathecal delivery; ziconotide and morphine (or hydromorphone). Five patients with intractable chronic or cancer pain were elected to have an intrathecal drug delivery system implanted for pain management. Each patient was given a 3-day inpatient trial with the combined ...

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device stepwise paradigm #4
advantages analgesia #4
oncologic patient majority #4
interventional pain algorithm #4
therapeutic benefit device #4
169 records #4
multiple medication combinations #4
intolerable effects implantation #4
postmastectomy pain syndromes #5
pmps peripheral #5
profile practitioners #6
opioid medication consumption #6
postprocedure interviews #6
cancer pain women #6
intractable patient selection #6
diagnosis pmps #7
decisionmaking flow diagrams #8
pmps diagnosis #10
analgesia profile #12
academic cancer hospital #12
pmps adult #12
implantation patient selection #12
institutional pain #13
pain oncologic #16
stepwise paradigm #16
adjuvant oncological therapies #17
diagnostic blockade #17
medications intrathecal #18
cancer pain population #20
implantation advantages #21
outpatient pain clinics #25
selection analgesics #30
specialized cancer center #30
oncologic population #30
outpatient pain management #33
superficial serratus #34
serratus plane block #37
local anesthetic steroid #46
mastectomy nerve #48
treatment postmastectomy #51
intrathecal pump placement #55
syndrome pmps #57
initial intrathecal #60
entire institution #63
serratus plane #73

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