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    Razi Hospital: Top KOLs in the world

    Xingwang Li #1
    Xingwang Li
    Key Laboratory for the Genetics of Developmental and Neurops
    Known for Severe Fever | Thrombocytopenia Syndrome | Bladder Cancer | Serum Levels | Acute Brucellosis
    George Fu Gao #2
    George Fu Gao
    NHC Key Laboratory of Biosafety, National Institute for Vira
    Known for Crystal Structure | Monoclonal Antibodies | Molecular Basis | Middle East | Influenza Virus

    Dingyu Zhang #3
    Dingyu Zhang
    Hubei Provincial Health and Health Committee, Wuhan, Hubei,
    Known for Intelligent Health Agents | Platelet Reactivity | Arabidopsis Thaliana | Modified Method | Leaf Senescence
    Bo Bo Yang #4
    Bo Bo Yang
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Universit
    Known for Pancreatic Cancer | Migrant Workers | Positive Solutions | Atrial Fibrillation | Heart Failure
    Wen‐Jie Tan #5
    Wen‐Jie Tan
    National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention,
    Known for Neutralizing Antibodies | Respiratory Syndrome | Human Coronavirus | Booster Vaccination | Middle East
    Gui Zhen Wu #6
    Gui Zhen Wu
    Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Scienc
    Known for Neutralizing Antibodies | Imported Case | Human Infection | Sierra Leone | Heterologous Boost
    Da Yan Wang #7
    Da Yan Wang
    Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese
    Known for Mainland China | Human Infection | Neuraminidase Inhibitors | Technical Guidelines | Influenza Virus
    Faxian Zhan #8
    Faxian Zhan
    Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wuhan, Peop
    Known for Severe Fever | Ischemic Stroke | Chinese Uyghur Population | Thrombocytopenia Syndrome | Hubei Province
    Weifeng Shi #9
    Weifeng Shi
    Key Laboratory of Etiology and Epidemiology of Emerging Infe
    Known for Southern China | Zika Virus | Yunnan Province | Wild Birds | Avian Influenza
    Baoying Huang #10
    Baoying Huang
    NHC Key Laboratory of Biosafety, National Institute for Vira
    Known for Booster Vaccination | Spike Glycoprotein | Host Cells | Middle East | Neutralizing Antibodies