Key People For Lzm009 Patients

Top KOLs in the world
Ahmedin M Jemal
united states breast cancer addis ababa
Elizabeth A Eisenhauer
national cancer institute ovarian cancer canada clinical trials
Jaap Verweij
soft tissue antineoplastic agents solid tumors
Rebecca L Siegel
united states colorectal cancer incidence rates
Eric Van Van Cutsem
colorectal cancer advisory consultancy grant funding institution
Richard S Kaplan
colorectal cancer adjuvant sorafenib malignant astrocytoma
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Fu Lili:Expert Impact

Concepts for whichFu Lilihas direct influence:Lzm009 patients,  Firstline chemotherapy,  Efficacy safety,  Correlation immunogenicity,  Irrc investigator,  Primary objective,  Orr thymic carcinoma.



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