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Refeeding Syndrome: Top KOLs in the world

Martin Andrew Crook #1
Martin Andrew Crook
Department of Chemical Pathology, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and L
Known for Cardiovascular Disease |  Diabetes Mellitus |  Severe Hypertriglyceridaemia |  Sialic Acid |  Metabolic Syndrome
Julia V Panteli #2
Julia V Panteli
b Department of Dietetics , University Hospital Lewisham , L
Known for Biochemical Monitoring |  Weight Loss |  Dietary Advice |  Refeeding Syndrome |  Parenteral Nutrition

V Hally #3
V Hally
Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, University College Ho
Known for Thiamine Deficiency |  Clinical Management Condition |  Refeeding Syndrome |  Patient Administration |  Electrolyte Dosages
Zeno Giovanni Stanga #4
Zeno Giovanni Stanga
Division of Diabetology, Endocrinology, Nutritional Medicine
Known for Secondary Analysis |  Refeeding Syndrome |  Parenteral Nutrition |  Medical Inpatients
Hisham Mohamed Mehanna #5
Hisham Mohamed Mehanna
Institute of Head and Neck Studies and Education (InHANSE),
Known for Squamous Cell |  United Kingdom |  Human Papillomavirus |  Oral Dysplasia |  Neck Cancer
Jane Travis #6
Jane Travis
Department of Dietetics, University Hospitals Coventry and W
Known for Awareness Condition |  Prevention Management |  Electrolyte Imbalance |  Refeeding Syndrome |  Patients Risk
Jamil Moledina #7
Jamil Moledina
Department of Plastic Surgery St. George's Hospital London U
Known for Private Independent Hospital |  Breast Augmentation |  Socioeconomic Backgrounds |  Netherton Syndrome |  United Kingdom
Paul E MBBCh Marik #8
Paul E MBBCh Marik
Front Line Critical Care Consortium (, Washington
Known for Critically Patients |  Severe Sepsis |  Fluid Responsiveness |  Septic Shock |  Adrenal Insufficiency
Gordon S PharmD Sacks #9
Gordon S PharmD Sacks
Medical Affairs for PN Market Unit, Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC,
Known for Refeeding Syndrome |  Consensus Recommendations |  Subjective Global Assessment |  Parenteral Nutrition |  Electrolyte Disorders
S M Solomon #10
S M Solomon
Nutrition Support Services, Medical College of Virginia Hosp
Known for Radiofrequency Ablation |  Polyarteritis Nodosa |  Refeeding Syndrome |  Liver Metastases |  1992 Revisions


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