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    Participation of the Cortex in Experimental Reflex Myoclonus

    Authors: Cesare T LombrosoJerome K MERLISAlbert M Lorentz DE HAAS
    Year: 1953
    Times cited: 18

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    Participation of the cortex in experimental reflex myoclonus


    1.1. In the nembutalized or curarized cat, the injection of subconvulsant doses of Metrazol produces a state in which single acoustic or visual stimuli evoke bilateral myoclonic twitches.2.2. After ablation of the motor cortex on one side, the myoclonic response becomes asymmetrical, being completely or partially suppressed on the side contralateral to the ablation.3.3. After ablation of the motor cortex bilaterally, the myoclonic response is suppressed, but reappears bilaterally after increasing the Metrazol dosage.4.4. Ablation of specific sensory cortex (acoustic or visual) on one or both sides does not abolish the bilateral myoclonic response.5.5. Complete decortication does not abolish the bilateral myoclonic response, although the Metrazol threshold is raised.6.6. It is concluded that the motor cortex contributes to, but is not essential for the reflex myoclonic response, and that no part of the cortex is essential for this response.

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