Direct Impact

Concepts for which V Korandová has direct influence:

renal agenesis
acute myocardial infarction
born infants
prenatal diagnosis
consecutive series
observed differences
immunosuppressive drugs

Prominent publications by V Korandová

KOL-Index: 3 The authors evaluated the incidence of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in a group of 355 renal graft recipients operated on at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine between 1976 and 1984. AMI was diagnosed in 12 (3%), mostly male, patients. The age of AMI survivors was higher on the average (47.5 years) than that of other renal graft recipients whose mean age was 37 years. ...
Known for
Infarction Renal
KOL-Index: 3 During the period between 1961 and 1995 the incidence of renal agenesis in the Czech Republic was investigated. From a consecutive series of 5,137,907 births in the Czech Republic in 1961-1995 915 cases of renal agenesis were diagnosed, incl. 859 in born infants and 56 cases were diagnosed prenatally and the pregnancies were terminated. The mean incidence of renal agenesis in born infants ...

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