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SUMMARY OF CONSENSUS: 1. The use of opioids in cancer pain: The criteria for selecting analgesics for pain treatment in the elderly include, but are not limited to, overall efficacy, overall side-effect profile, onset of action, drug interactions, abuse potential, and practical issues, such as cost and availability of the drug, as well as the severity and type of pain (nociceptive, acute/chronic, etc.). At any given time, the order of choice in the decision-making process can change. ...

Known for Health Organization |  Opioids Cancer Pain |  International Expert Panel |  Respiratory Depression |  Opioid Buprenorphine
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OBJECTIVE: To determine women's satisfaction with pain relief using patient controlled analgesia with remifentanil compared with epidural analgesia during labour.

DESIGN: Multicentre randomised controlled equivalence trial.

SETTING: 15 hospitals in the Netherlands.

PARTICIPANTS: Women with an intermediate to high obstetric risk with an intention to deliver vaginally. To exclude a clinically relevant difference in satisfaction with pain relief of more than 10%, we needed to include 1136 ...

Known for Epidural Analgesia |  Pain Relief |  Women Remifentanil |  Patient Controlled |  Equivalence Trial
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BACKGROUND: Pain relief during labour is a topic of major interest in the Netherlands. Epidural analgesia is considered to be the most effective method of pain relief and recommended as first choice. However its uptake by pregnant women is limited compared to other western countries, partly as a result of non-availability due to logistic problems. Remifentanil, a synthetic opioid, is very suitable for patient controlled analgesia. Recent studies show that epidural analgesia is superior ...

Known for Epidural Analgesia |  Remifentanil Patient |  Pain Relief |  Controlled Trial |  Women Labour
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BACKGROUND: It remains unknown whether the administration of a deep neuromuscular block (NMB) during bariatric surgery improves surgical conditions and patient outcome. The authors studied the effect of deep versus moderate NMB in laparoscopic bariatric surgery on surgical conditions and postoperative pain.

METHODS AND RESULTS: One hundred patients scheduled to undergo elective bariatric surgery were randomized to a deep NMB (post-tetanic-count 2-3) or a moderate NMB (train-of-four 1-2). ...

Known for Bariatric Surgery |  Postoperative Pain |  Surgical Conditions |  Deep Nmb |  Neuromuscular Block
KOL Index score: 14105

BACKGROUND: Exogenous erythropoietin inhibits development of allodynia in experimental painful neuropathy because of its antiinflammatory and neuroprotective properties at spinal, supraspinal, and possibly peripheral sites. The authors assess the effect of a nonhematopoietic erythropoietin analog, ARA290, on tactile and cold allodynia in a model of neuropathic pain (spared nerve injury) in rats and mice lacking the β-common receptor (βcR mice), a component of the receptor complex ...

Known for Neuropathic Pain |  Tertiary Structure |  Rats Mice |  Allodynia Ara290 |  Spraguedawley Receptors
KOL Index score: 13647

BACKGROUND: The routine use of neuromuscular blocking agents reduces the occurrence of unacceptable surgical conditions. In some surgeries, such as retroperitoneal laparoscopies, deep neuromuscular block (NMB) may further improve surgical conditions compared with moderate NMB. In this study, the effect of deep NMB on surgical conditions was assessed.

METHODS: Twenty-four patients undergoing elective laparoscopic surgery for prostatectomy or nephrectomy were randomized to receive moderate ...

Known for Surgical Conditions |  Deep Neuromuscular |  Moderate Nmb |  Laparoscopic Surgery |  Scores 1
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BACKGROUND: Epidural analgesia and remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia are two popular techniques for the treatment of labour pain, each with its own efficacy and toxicity.

METHODS: Parturients requesting analgesia were randomly assigned to either patient-controlled intravenous remifentanil or epidural analgesia. Control patients consisted of parturients not requesting pain medication. The primary objective was to compare the incidence of maternal fever (temperature ⩾ 38°C); ...

Known for Epidural Analgesia |  Remifentanil Patient |  Maternal Temperature |  Higher Incidence |  Labour Pain
KOL Index score: 12961

BACKGROUND: Previous data indicate that morphine-6beta-glucuronide (M6G), a morphine metabolite with analgesic properties, can paradoxically increase pain sensitivity in mice and humans. The authors tested mice and humans for M6G hyperalgesia and assessed the contribution of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor activity in mice.

METHODS: Nociception after acute injection (10 mg/kg) and chronic infusion (1.6 mg/kg per 24 h) of M6G or saline was assayed using the tail-withdrawal test in CD-1 mice ...

Known for Opioid Receptor |  Pain Sensitivity |  Hyperalgesia Mice |  Acute Injection |  Methyl Aspartate
KOL Index score: 12906

BACKGROUND: Remifentanil has been associated with increased acute and potentially chronic postoperative pain. The objective of this prospective randomized controlled trial was to investigate the influence of intraoperative remifentanil on acute and chronic postoperative pain after cardiac surgery.

METHODS: Patients (N = 126) receiving standardized anesthesia with propofol and intermittent intravenous fentanyl at predetermined times for cardiac surgery were randomized to intraoperatively ...

Known for Cardiac Surgery |  Chronic Pain |  Randomized Controlled Trial |  Intraoperative Remifentanil |  3 Months
KOL Index score: 12528

The reinforcement of anesthesia by an epidural "top-up" in combined spinal-epidural anesthesia may be explained by a dual mechanism: a volume effect compressing the dural sac and a local anesthetic effect. The purpose of our study was to investigate the relative importance of each of these factors. Fifty patients scheduled for lower limb orthopedic surgery under combined spinal-epidural anesthesia were randomly allocated to one of five groups comprising 10 patients each. Using a ...

Known for Epidural Anesthesia |  Combined Spinal |  Local Anesthetic |  5 Bupivacaine |  Subarachnoid Injection
KOL Index score: 12379

Neuromuscular block (NMB) is frequently used in abdominal surgery to improve surgical conditions by relaxation of the abdominal wall and prevention of sudden muscle contractions. The evidence supporting routine use of deep NMB is still under debate. We aimed to provide evidence for the superiority of routine use of deep NMB during laparoscopic surgery. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies comparing the influence of deep vs moderate NMB during laparoscopic ...

Known for Laparoscopic Surgery |  Surgical Space Conditions |  Deep Nmb |  Neuromuscular Block |  Postoperative Pain Scores
KOL Index score: 12311

BACKGROUND: Chronic thoracic pain after cardiac surgery is prevalent (11 to 56%) and may affect patients' physical and mental health status. Despite its favorable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, high doses of remifentanil administered during surgery are reported to cause acute postoperative pain and increased requirements for analgesics. Recently, an association between remifentanil use and the incidence of chronic thoracic pain in the long term was also reported. Our ...

Known for Cardiac Surgery |  Chronic Thoracic Pain |  Randomized Controlled |  Intraoperative Remifentanil |  Versus Fentanyl
KOL Index score: 12211

BACKGROUND: The μ-opioid agonist remifentanil has a rapid onset and offset and a short half-life making it an attractive option for intravenous patient-controlled labour analgesia. We aimed to compare the efficacy of intravenous remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia with epidural ropivacaine/sufentanil during labour.

METHODS: Parturients were randomly assigned to receive intravenous patient-controlled analgesia with remifentanil (n=10) or epidural analgesia (n=10). Pain and ...

Known for Remifentanil Patient |  Epidural Ropivacaine |  Obstetrical Analgesia |  Opioid Anesthetics |  Pain Scores
KOL Index score: 12065

BACKGROUND: Tapentadol is an analgesic agent for treatment of acute and chronic pain that activates the µ-opioid receptor combined with inhibition of neuronal norepinephrine reuptake. Both mechanisms are implicated in activation of descending inhibitory pain pathways. In this study, we investigated the influence of tapentadol on conditioned pain modulation (CPM, an experimental measure of endogenous pain inhibition that gates incoming pain signals as a consequence of a preceding tonic ...

Known for Chronic Pain Patients |  Pain Inhibition |  Placebo Tapentadol |  Diabetic Polyneuropathy |  Treatment Cpm
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In this study, Fos immunohistochemistry was used to map brainstem neuronal pathways activated during hypercapnia and hypoxia. Conscious rats were exposed to six different gas mixtures: (a) air; (b) 8% CO2 in air; (c) 10% CO2 in air; (d) 15% CO2 in air; (e) 15% CO2 + 60% O2, balance N2; (f) 9% O2, balance N2. Double-staining was performed to show the presence of tyrosine hydroxylase. Hypercapnia, in a dose-dependent way caused Fos expression in the following areas: caudal nucleus tractus ...

Known for Hypoxia Hypercapnia |  Rat Brainstem |  Fos Expression |  Labeled Cells |  Co2 Air


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standard fentanyl dosing #1
reversal opioid #1
opioids arterial pco2 #1
groups central nervous #1
hypercapnic breathing #1
development neuromuscular monitoring #1
cannabis varieties thc #1
fentanyl utility function #1
effects 7ni #1
block nmb #1
uniform srs #1
respir8 #1
crps1 patients sketamine #1
increase opioid prescription #1
inhaled esketamine #1
higher demand morphine #1
opioid induced #1
variations peak analgesic #1
darkened quiet room #1
scale cardiorespiratory conditions #1
25 depression ahr #1
estimate minimum ventilation #1
hospital admissions opioid #1
anesthetics opioids #1
opioid receptor kinetics #1
effects neuronal inhibitor #1
remifentanil dosedependent decrease #1
electrical pain tolerance #1
srss laparoscopic surgery #1
sef authors #1
morphine cpm responses #1
epidural segments #1
ketamineinfusion #1
morphine sevoflurane #1
hypoxia normoxic baseline #1
hypoxia 005 min1 #1
m3g concentrations #1
bcbr #1
377 95 95 #1
placebo alfentanil analgesia #1
activity onset mid #1
35 μg fentanyl #1
ara290 pain #1
peripheraleg #1
patients verbal commands #1

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