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Rolandic Epilepsy: Top KOLs in the world

Deb K Pal #1
Deb K Pal
King’s College London, UK, | Evelina Londo
Known for Rural India |  Trait Impulsivity |  Developing Countries |  Juvenile Myoclonic |  Rolandic Epilepsy
Orvar Eeg‐Olofsson #2
Orvar Eeg‐Olofsson
Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala Univers
Known for Rett Syndrome |  Centrotemporal Spikes |  Epileptiform Activity |  Normal Children |  Rolandic Epilepsy

Ingrid Eileen Scheffer #3
Ingrid Eileen Scheffer
Florey Institute and Murdoch Children's Research Institute,
Known for Intellectual Disability |  Generalized Epilepsy |  Epileptic Encephalopathies |  Dravet Syndrome |  Febrile Seizures
Anne De Saint Martin #4
Anne De Saint Martin
Epilepsy Unit “Françis Rohmer”, French Reference Center of R
Known for Rare Manifestations |  Kcnb1 Encephalopathy |  Gabrb3 Variants |  Focal Seizures |  Tuberous Sclerosis
Tara Clarke #5
Tara Clarke
Department of Epidemiology, Columbia University, New York, N
Known for 11p13 Locus |  Centrotemporal Sharp Waves |  Speech Sound Disorder |  Eeg Trait |  Rolandic Epilepsy
Albert Pierre Aldenkamp #6
Albert Pierre Aldenkamp
Department of Neurology, Maastricht University Medical Cente
Known for Antiepileptic Drugs |  Cognitive Impairment |  Ketogenic Diet |  Vagus Nerve Stimulation |  Rolandic Epilepsy
Lisa J Strug #7
Lisa J Strug
The Centre for Applied Genomics, The Hospital for Sick Child
Known for Gene Expression |  Meconium Ileus |  Cystic Fibrosis |  Rolandic Epilepsy |  Lung Disease
Marie‐Noëlle Metz‐Lutz #8
Marie‐Noëlle Metz‐Lutz
Department of Educational Sciences, University Louis Pasteur
Known for Cognitive Functions |  Phonological Memory |  Sign Language |  Rolandic Epilepsy |  Kleffner Syndrome
Bhavna Bali #9
Bhavna Bali
Division of Endocrinology (M.S.K., A.R.-L., B.B., A.H.P., S.
Known for Adrenomedullary Function |  Eeg Trait |  Autosomal Dominant Inheritance |  Speech Sound Disorder |  Rolandic Epilepsy
Bernd Axel Neubauer #10
Bernd Axel Neubauer
Department of Neuropediatrics, Justus-Liebig-University Gies
Known for Centrotemporal Spikes |  Dravet Syndrome |  Neurodevelopmental Disorders |  Focal Sharp Waves |  Rolandic Epilepsy


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