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    INTRODUCTION: Physiological and psychological alterations in the climacteric period frequently influence women's quality of life. Hot flushes, nocturia, mood alterations, respiratory disturbances, insomnia and restless leg syndrome all affect sleep, and the altered hormonal state in this period impacts the aging process. As hormonal therapy is not indicated in some cases, the search for complementary therapies, such as massage therapy, to improve insomnia in the climacteric period is ...

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    Menopause is an important episode in the life of women and, for the great majority of women, occurs in their fifties. The climacteric period, which is often associated with insomnia, represents one of the most important changes in the female reproductive cycle because it marks the end of reproductive capacity. Hormonal therapy has been considered the most useful and standardized method for treating menopause and climacteric-associated symptoms despite its side-effects. The present study ...

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    With increases life expectancy, the incidence of undesirable manifestations of menopause has increased as well. The effects of lost ovarian function include progressive decrease in estradiol secretion, trophic changes in the breast, vasomotor symptoms, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Insomnia, which has physiological consequences and can result in a loss of quality of life, is prevalent in women after menopause. Hormone therapy has been widely used to reduce menopausal ...

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    Concept World rank
    menqol bdi #5
    massage insomnia #5
    sessions insomnia #5
    insomnia climacteric period #5
    bdi menqol #5
    therapeutic massage insomnia #5
    menqol decrease #5
    alterations climacteric #5
    postmenopausal symptoms insomnia #6
    lost ovarian function #6
    physiologic motion therapy #6
    massage therapy insomnia #6
    climactericassociated symptoms #7
    period womans life #7
    passive polysomnography #7
    therapies postmenopause #7
    menqol improved #7
    maintenance flavonoids humans #7
    climacteric period insomnia #7
    insomnia climacteric symptoms #7
    insomnia climacteric #8
    women great majority #10
    postmenopause menopause #12
    life massage therapy #14
    bdi affective #15
    treating menopause #21
    undesirable manifestations #21
    life massage #23
    altered hormonal state #26
    period insomnia #28
    insufficiency restless #30
    insomnia period #32
    promise interventions #32
    symptoms menqol #33
    massage passive #34
    sessions passive #44
    decrease bdi #49
    bdi life #52
    insomnia postmenopausal women #63
    postmenopausal women insomnia #66
    insomnia postmenopausal #77

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Denise Oliveira has influence:Massage therapy,  Sleep quality,  Postmenopausal women,  Menopausal symptoms,  Waist circumference,  Black cohosh,  Rusie dutton.



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