• Salivary Stones
  • Salivary Stones

    Salivary Stones: Top KOLs in the world

    Heinrich Iro #1
    Heinrich Iro
    Department of Audiology, ENT-Clinic, University of Erlangen-
    Known for Extracapsular Dissection | Frontal Sinus | Neck Cancer | Salivary Calculi | Parotid Gland
    Johannes Zenk #2
    Johannes Zenk
    Klinik für Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Universitätsklinikum A
    Known for Frontal Sinus | Extracapsular Dissection | Facial Nerve | Parotid Tumors | Salivary Gland

    Francis Marchal #3
    Francis Marchal
    University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland | Department of Ot
    Known for Ductal Stenosis | Salivary Gland | Interventional Sialendoscopy | Frey Syndrome | Chronic Sialadenitis
    Mark McGurk #4
    Mark McGurk
    Head & Neck Surgery, University College London Hospital, Lon
    Known for Head Neck | Submandibular Gland | Salivary Calculi | Node Biopsy | Oral Cancer
    Pavel Dulguerov #5
    Pavel Dulguerov
    Division of Head and Neck Surgery, Hôpital de la Tour, Meyri
    Known for Frey Syndrome | Head Neck | Interventional Sialendoscopy | Squamous Cell | Cervical Chordoma
    Oded Nahlieli #6
    Oded Nahlieli
    School of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva
    Known for Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis | Temporomandibular Joint | Endoscopic Treatment | Parotid Stones | Salivary Gland
    Jackie E Brown #7
    Jackie E Brown
    Endodontic Postgraduate Unit, King's College London Dental I
    Known for Periapical Radiography | Computed Tomography | Submandibular Gland | Salivary Calculi | Cone Beam
    Michael Paul Escudier #8
    Michael Paul Escudier
    Centre for Host Microbiome Interactions, Faculty of Dentistr
    Known for Oral Medicine | Patients Ofg | Orofacial Granulomatosis | Salivary Calculi | Dental Students
    Pasquale Capaccio #9
    Pasquale Capaccio
    Otorhinolaryngology Unit, Department of Biomedical, Surgical
    Known for Hearing Loss | Otitis Media | Interventional Sialendoscopy | Salivary Calculi | Cyclin D1
    Willy Lehmann #10
    Willy Lehmann
    Department of Oto‐Rhino‐Laryngology and Head & Neck Surgery,
    Known for Neck Carcinomas | Interventional Sialendoscopy | Frey Syndrome | Squamous Cell Carcinoma | Botulinum Toxin

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