Saskia Kraaij

Saskia Kraaij

Department Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery / Oral Pathology Vu University Medical Center And Academic Centre Of Dentistry Amsterdam (Acta), Amsterdam, The Netherlands ...

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salivary stones
biochemical composition
micro-computer tomography
submandibular sialoliths
alcohol consumption
laminated layers
micro-ct scans

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chemical spot test
cbct images
salivary calculi
urinary stones
clinician comparison
helpful tool
x-ray microanalysis

Prominent publications by Saskia Kraaij

KOL-Index: 22 Key PointsSalivary stones or sialoliths are calcified concrements in the salivary glands, most frequently located in Wharton's duct of the submandibular gland.Salivary stones consist of a mineralised nucleus, surrounded by laminated layers of organic and inorganic substances.The management of salivary stones depends on the size and location of the stone.
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Submandibular Gland | Whartons Duct | Organic Inorganic Substances | Key Pointssalivary Stones
KOL-Index: 16 BACKGROUND: Salivary stones are calcified structures most often found in the main duct of the submandibular or parotid salivary gland. They contain of a core surrounded by laminated layers of organic and inorganic material. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Submandibular and parotid sialoliths (n=155) were collected at the department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery of a general hospital between ...
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Stones Determined | Frequently Struvite | Methods Submandibular
KOL-Index: 11 BACKGROUND: Successful removal of salivary stones depends on exact pretreatment information of the location, the size and shape of the stones. This study aimed to compare the volume of submandibular sialoliths determined by preoperative Cone-Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) scans with the volume of the removed stones on micro-Computer Tomography (micro-CT) scans. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this ...
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Sialoliths Determined | Preoperative Scan | Tomography Micro | Successful Removal
KOL-Index: 7 OBJECTIVE: To investigate the possible relationship between the presence of salivary stones and systemic diseases, medication, smoking, and alcohol consumption. STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective, case control study. Medical records of patients with salivary stones and those of control patients without salivary stones were retrospectively reviewed. Data regarding the affected salivary gland, the ...
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Limited Role | Medication Smoking | Submandibular Gland | Salivary Stone Formation

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery / Oral Pathology VU University Medical Center and Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), Amsterdam, the Netherlands Department of Oral Biochemistry, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA),

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