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Background: The placement of a tattoo is a common event. Basal cell carcinoma arising from a tattoo is rare despite this neoplasm being the most common form of skin cancer.

Objective: We describe a 41-year-old man who developed a basal cell carcinoma in his tattoo and review the literature of basal cell carcinomas originating in a tattoo.

Methods: A literature search using PubMed was performed. The following terms were searched: "basal," "carcinoma," "cell," and "tattoo." The ...

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Tattoos may be associated with medical complications including, albeit rarely, skin cancer. The features of a 46-year-old man who developed a basal cell carcinoma within a tattoo on his left scapula are described and the characteristics of the other 13 patients (7 men and 6 women) with tattoo-associated basal cell carcinoma are reviewed. The tumor usually occurs on the sun-exposed skin of individuals aged 60 years and older whose tattoo has often been present for 20 years or more. The ...

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Osteoma cutis can occur as a primary or secondary cutaneous lesion. Isolated lesions of perforating osteoma cutis are uncommon and can present with varying clinical features. Adverse events that can occur following placement of a tattoo include benign and malignant neoplasms, dermatoses, infections, and miscellaneous complications. We present a case of a man who developed perforating osteoma cutis within a tattoo and propose that osteoma cutis be included among the list of adverse events ...

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Melanoacanthoma is a benign epithelial tumor composed of melanocytes and keratinocytes that can morphologically mimic malignant neoplasms. Two patients with melanoacanthoma that clinically masqueraded as melanoma are described: a 65-year-old African-American woman with a pigmented nodule on the right preauricular area and an 85-year-old Haitian-Creole man with a large exophytic nodule on his left lower abdomen. Melanoma was clinically suspected in both patients. Biopsies were performed, ...

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Sample of concepts for which Christof P Erickson is among the top experts in the world.
Concept World rank
extremities systemic condition #2
unique condition presence #2
37yearold skin lesion #2
mucinosis solitary #2
systemic diseases case #2
mucinassociated systemic disease #2
isolated asymptomatic papule #2
laboratory investigation conditions #2
microscopic evaluation diagnosis #2
originating tattoo #3
tattoo common #4
carcinoma coincident #4
tattoos medical complications #4
6 women tumor #4
coincidence tattoos #4
tumor sunexposed skin #4
tattoo rare #4
features 46yearold #4
tattoo reported #4
tattoo coincidence #4
tattoo basal #4
tattoo pigments dyes #4
coincident coincidence #4
rarely skin cancer #4
sunexposed skin individuals #4
cell tattoo #4
tattoo review #4
evidence coincident events #4
arising tattoo #5
scapula characteristics #6
mucin systemic #6
carcinoma tattoo #6
ultraviolet radiation alteration #7
numerous skin lesions #8
tattoo recipients #8
previous reports patient #9
13 patients 7 #11
dermis lesion #11
20 years pathogenesis #13
diagnosis laboratory investigation #18
solitary skin lesion #19
hyaluronic acid complex #20
cutaneous focal #21
upper shoulder #31
asymptomatic nodule #32
7 6 women #38
solitary cutaneous #40
focal mucinosis #42
cutaneous focal mucinosis #45
literature basal #64

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Martin A Weinstock
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John T Lear
basal cell photodynamic therapy skin type
Alfred W Kopf
malignant melanoma tumor conference basal cell
Ervin H Epstein
basal cell mycosis fungoides steroid sulfatase
Adèle C Green
ovarian cancer sun exposure cutaneous melanoma
David J Leffell
basal cell carcinoma indoor tanning mohs micrographic surgery

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Concepts for whichChristof P Ericksonhas direct influence:Basal cell carcinoma,  Basal cell,  Cutaneous focal,  Focal mucinosis,  Tattoo recipients,  Cutaneous focal mucinosis,  Solitary cutaneous,  Necrolytic acral erythema.

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Christof P Erickson has influence:Necrolytic acral erythema,  Basal cell carcinoma,  Braf inhibitors,  Oral zinc,  Intralesional therapy,  Distinct entity,  Keratoacanthoma ka.



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