Fabiola Acón-Rojas

Fabiola Acón-Rojas

From The Servicio De Infectología Pediátrica, Hospital Nacional De Niños De Costa Rica “dr. Carlos Sáenz Herrera,” San José, Costa Rica.

Direct Impact

Concepts for which Fabiola Acón-Rojas has direct influence:

kawasaki syndrome
pustular rash
skin lesions
23-month-old costa rican boy
chest abdomen

External impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Fabiola Acón-Rojas has influence:

pediatric rheumatic
ethnic differences
culturally diverse
lemierre syndrome
isolated region
odds ratios
unique retrospective

Prominent publications by Fabiola Acón-Rojas

KOL-Index: 20 The skin rash of Kawasaki syndrome is usually erythematous. A 23-month-old Costa Rican boy was admitted with a clinical picture compatible with Kawasaki syndrome, except for his skin lesions. He had diffuse, confluent, multiple sterile whitish pustular lesions on his chest, abdomen, neck, genitals, and thighs.
Known for
Pustular Lesions | Rash Kawasaki | Syndrome Skin

From the Servicio de Infectología Pediátrica, Hospital Nacional de Niños de Costa Rica “Dr. Carlos Sáenz Herrera,” San José, Costa Rica.

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