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    KOL Index score: 28325

    BACKGROUND: Ixekizumab is a humanised monoclonal antibody against the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin 17A. We report two studies of ixekizumab compared with placebo or etanercept to assess the safety and efficacy of specifically targeting interleukin 17A in patients with widespread moderate-to-severe psoriasis.

    METHODS: In two prospective, double-blind, multicentre, phase 3 studies (UNCOVER-2 and UNCOVER-3), eligible patients were aged 18 years or older, had a confirmed diagnosis of ...

    Also Ranks for: Placebo Etanercept |  patients ixekizumab |  2 weeks |  nonsteroidal antibodies |  phase 3
    KOL Index score: 24855

    BACKGROUND: New therapeutic options are needed for patients with psoriasis. Tofacitinib, an oral Janus kinase inhibitor, is being investigated as a treatment for moderate-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis. In this study, we aimed to compare two tofacitinib doses with high-dose etanercept or placebo in this patient population.

    METHODS: In this phase 3, randomised, multicentre, double-dummy, placebo-controlled, 12-week, non-inferiority trial, adult patients with chronic stable plaque ...

    Also Ranks for: Tofacitinib Etanercept |  placebo patients |  chronic plaque |  phase 3 |  5 10
    KOL Index score: 18714

    BACKGROUND: T-cell infiltration in plaque psoriasis has recently been an important subject of investigation. Interestingly, comparative analyses of the disease-specific composition of the lesional T-cell infiltrate in plaque psoriasis and other inflammatory dermatoses have only sparsely been performed.

    OBJECTIVES: To compare plaque psoriasis vs. atopic dermatitis and lichen ruber planus with respect to T-cell subsets, epidermal proliferation and keratinization.


    Also Ranks for: Lichen Planus |  atopic dermatitis |  plaque psoriasis |  epidermal proliferation |  cell subsets
    KOL Index score: 17595

    BACKGROUND: Knowledge about quality of life and sexual health in patients with genital psoriasis is limited.

    OBJECTIVES: We studied quality of life and sexual function in a large group of patients with genital psoriasis by means of validated questionnaires. In addition, we evaluated whether sufficient attention is given by healthcare professionals to sexual problems in patients with psoriasis, as perceived by the patients.

    METHODS: A self-administered questionnaire was sent to 1579 ...

    Also Ranks for: Sexual Health |  genital psoriasis |  quality life |  psychological surveys |  validated questionnaires
    KOL Index score: 17224

    BACKGROUND: Knowledge on the sequential treatment of psoriasis with biologics with regard to efficacy and safety is sparse. This also applies to the efficacy and safety of adalimumab in patients previously treated with etanercept. The relationship between the reasons for discontinuation of etanercept and the response to adalimumab is not clear in psoriasis.

    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of adalimumab in patients with psoriasis with primary failure, secondary failure or ...

    Also Ranks for: Patients Psoriasis |  secondary failure |  etanercept adalimumab |  monoclonal antibodies |  efficacy safety
    KOL Index score: 16071

    BACKGROUND: Physical symptoms of skin diseases have been shown to negatively affect patients' wellbeing. Although insight into physical symptoms accompanying skin diseases is relevant for the management and treatment of skin diseases, the prevalence of physical symptoms among patients with skin diseases is a rather unexplored territory.

    OBJECTIVES: The goal of the present study was to examine the prevalence of physical symptoms of itch, pain and fatigue in patients with skin ...

    Also Ranks for: Skin Diseases |  physical symptoms |  fatigue patients |  itch pain |  general practice
    KOL Index score: 16003

    BACKGROUND: In previous studies, etanercept 25 mg twice weekly (BIW) or 50 mg BIW significantly reduced disease severity in patients with plaque psoriasis and demonstrated a favourable safety profile.

    OBJECTIVES: To assess the efficacy and safety of etanercept 50 mg administered once weekly (QW) compared with placebo in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis over 24 weeks.

    METHODS: This study was conducted in two parts: (i) a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase, in ...

    Also Ranks for: Etanercept 50 |  plaque psoriasis |  week patients |  placebo qw |  baseline pasi
    KOL Index score: 15959

    Physical complaints, such as pain, can be effectively reduced by placebo effects through induction of positive expectations, or increased by nocebo effects through induction of negative expectations. In the present study, verbally induced nocebo and placebo effects on itch were experimentally investigated for the first time. In part 1, the role of verbal suggestions in inducing nocebo effects on itch and pain was investigated. All subjects received the same somatosensory quantitative ...

    Also Ranks for: Verbal Suggestions |  placebo effects |  itch pain |  histamine application |  induction nocebo
    KOL Index score: 15403

    BACKGROUND: Biologic agents offer a range of new therapeutic options for patients with psoriasis; however, the relative benefit-risk profiles of such therapies are not well known. We compared two biologic agents, ustekinumab (an interleukin-12 and interleukin-23 blocker) and etanercept (an inhibitor of tumor necrosis factor alpha), for the treatment of psoriasis.

    METHODS: We randomly assigned 903 patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis to receive subcutaneous injections of either 45 ...

    Also Ranks for: Ustekinumab Etanercept |  pasi week |  75 improvement |  patients psoriasis |  monoclonal antibodies
    KOL Index score: 14290

    BACKGROUND: Chronic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, are known to affect quality of life by heightening psychological distress. Knowledge about factors contributing to psychological distress is essential for supporting physicians in diagnostic and multidisciplinary treatment options for patients psychologically at risk.

    OBJECTIVES: To examine whether generic physical, psychological and social factors relevant to patients with chronic diseases might contribute to ...

    Also Ranks for: Psychological Distress |  atopic dermatitis |  chronic skin diseases |  patients psoriasis |  social support
    KOL Index score: 13598

    BACKGROUND: Methotrexate (MTX) use is associated with hepatic fibrosis in psoriasis patients. To monitor this serial liver biopsies were performed. The Fibroscan and the Fibrotest are two novel, non-invasive methods that might be able to assess MTX-induced hepatic fibrosis.

    AIM: Evaluating the accuracy and feasibility of the Fibroscan and Fibrotest to detect significant MTX-induced liver fibrosis in psoriasis patients.

    METHODS: We assessed 24 psoriasis patients who had a recent liver ...

    Also Ranks for: Psoriasis Patients |  liver fibrosis |  fibroscan fibrotest |  methotrexate mtx |  noninvasive methods
    KOL Index score: 13328

    The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of calcipotriol ointment and betamethasone valerate ointment in psoriasis were compared in a multicentre, prospective, randomised, double-blind, right/left trial. 345 inpatients and outpatients with psoriasis vulgaris of symmetrical distribution were treated twice daily for 6 weeks with calcipotriol ointment 50 micrograms/g and betamethasone ointment 0.1% randomly assigned to opposite sides of the body. The main outcome measures--the psoriasis ...

    Also Ranks for: Betamethasone Valerate |  psoriasis vulgaris |  6 weeks |  calcipotriol ointment |  thickness scaling
    KOL Index score: 13000

    BACKGROUND: Calcipotriol and betamethasone dipropionate are both widely used, effective treatments for psoriasis. Vitamin D analogues and topical corticosteroids have different mechanisms of action in the treatment of psoriasis. A new vehicle has been developed in order to contain both calcipotriol (50 micro g g-1) and betamethasone dipropionate (0.5 mg g-1) in an ointment form. By using calcipotriol and a corticosteroid together, greater efficacy may be achieved than by using either ...

    Also Ranks for: Psoriasis Vulgaris |  efficacy safety |  daily calcipotriol |  betamethasone dipropionate |  ointment formulation
    KOL Index score: 12993

    The structure and function of the tumor microvasculature is of great interest for cancer biology, diagnosis, and therapy. The distribution of endothelial cells, pericytes, and basal lamina in tumors is not well documented. In this study, the authors investigated the distribution of markers for these different components in a series of malignant human tumors and in human granulation tissue, both situations with extensive angiogenesis. Their results show a striking heterogeneity in the ...

    Also Ranks for: Granulation Tissue |  endothelial cells |  differential expression |  basal lamina |  tumor vasculature
    KOL Index score: 12833

    Placebo and nocebo effects are known to play a key role in treatment effects in a wide variety of conditions. These effects have frequently been investigated with regard to pain and also in other physical sensations, but have hardly been investigated with regard to itch. In addition, neither in pain nor in any other physical sensation, the single and combined contribution of the expectancy mechanisms of conditioning and verbal suggestion have ever been investigated in both placebo and ...

    Also Ranks for: Verbal Suggestion |  nocebo effects |  pain itch |  physical sensations |  conditioning placebo


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    Concept World rank
    napsi nail psoriasis #1
    nkreceptors week #1
    wellknown predilection site #1
    rcm practical approach #1
    attention sexual problems #1
    low concentration 5fluorouracil #1
    minimal barrier impairment #1
    cream day #1
    costs trial registration #1
    order calcipotriol #1
    pasi50 #1
    ppix content fdap #1
    skalp elafin levels #1
    rambazoletm #1
    single expression k6 #1
    repeated challenges reduction #1
    recompartmentalization tcell subsets #1
    baseline area differences #1
    serum correlate cyclosporin #1
    vml ltb4 antagonist #1
    single challenge induction #1
    biologic treatment medication #1
    singlechallenge #1
    cd18 cd18 antigens #1
    ki67 margin #1
    actual antipsoriatic treatments #1
    clobetasol17 propionate #1
    psoriatics photosensitive psoriasis #1
    outer margin cd8 #1
    cellkinetic #1
    disease severity itch #1
    reasons ww #1
    involucrin proteins keratins #1
    systemic acitretin #1
    scoring nail psoriasis #1
    immunohistochemistry involucrin #1
    recruited cells tacalcitol #1
    illness belanyx #1
    epidermal cells decrease #1
    psoriasis repeated applications #1
    erythema blue light #1
    dermis cd45ro cells #1
    psoriasis situ hybridisation #1
    perinuclear vacuolization #1
    calcipotriol treatment #1
    47 tumor growth #1
    differentiation rambazole #1
    hcd k10 #1
    impaired modulation itch #1
    skalp elafin urine #1

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