• Schizencephaly
  • Schizencephaly

    Schizencephaly: Top KOLs in the world

    Anthony James Barkovich #1
    Anthony James Barkovich
    University of California San Francisco Benioff Children's Ho
    Known for Brain Injury | Corpus Callosum | Magnetic Resonance | Cortical Development | White Matter
    Waverley, Mass
    Known for Lip Schizencephaly | Schizencephalies Study | Congenital Clefts | Cerebral Mantle

    Giorgio Stefano BATTAGLIA #3
    Giorgio Stefano BATTAGLIA
    Clinical and Experimental Epileptology Unit, Fondazione IRCC
    Known for Cortical Dysplasia | Esophageal Cancer | Motor Neuron | Portal Hypertension | Stent Insertion
    Tiziana Granata #4
    Tiziana Granata
    Department of Pediatric Neuroscience, Fondazione IRCCS Istit
    Known for Dravet Syndrome | Focal Seizures | Scn1a Mutations | Rasmussen Encephalitis | Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy
    Bent O Kjos #5
    Bent O Kjos
    Seattle Radiologists, Seattle, Washington; | Division of Neu
    Known for Posterior Fossa | Corpus Callosum | Gray Matter Heterotopias | Hippocampal Pathology | Magnetic Resonance
    Edoardo Boncinelli #6
    Edoardo Boncinelli
    Dibit Scientific Institute, Hospital S. Raffaele, Vita-Salut
    Known for Retinoic Acid | Gene Expression | Transcription Factors | Cerebral Cortex
    Antonio Faiella #7
    Antonio Faiella
    Center of Biotechnologies “Antonio Cardarelli” Hospital Via
    Known for Retinoic Acid | Branchial Region | Gene Expression | Hox Clusters
    Jean Michel Pédespan #8
    Jean Michel Pédespan
    Department of Pediatric Neurology, CHU Bordeaux, France. | D
    Known for Infantile Spasms | Botulinum Toxin | Herpetic Encephalitis | Young Children | 6 Years
    Renzo Guerrini #9
    Renzo Guerrini
    Pediatric Neurology, Neurogenetics, and Neurobiology Unit an
    Known for Cortical Development | Epilepsy Surgery | Cerebral Cortex | Infantile Spasms | Dravet Syndrome
    Jean François Chateil #10
    Jean François Chateil
    Bordeaux University/CNRS, CRMSB, UMR 5536, Bordeaux, France.
    Known for Magnetic Resonance | Water Excitation | Cancer Risk | Hospital Discharge | Cystic Fibrosis

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    Schizencephaly Schizencephaly is a birth defect that results in abnormal clefts, or 'slits', in the brain. The severity of the condition can vary greatly, depending on the...