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    This study stemmed from an interest in the broad problem of psychological deprivation of infants and a practical interest in the related problem of institutional deprivation as such. Fifteen institution children who had been in the institution since early infancy and who at about 3 years of age were at the point of being placed in foster homes, were studied. They were equated with a group of children with continuous foster home experience of age, sex, age when substitute care was ...

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    KOL Index score: 2524

    It is my intention to summarize the investigations in childhood schizophrenia carried on over the past ten years at the Ittleson Center for Child Research. These investigations have not constituted a very rigidly organized and totally preplanned program of research. However, primary research objectives were carefully enunciated and each of the studies did emerge naturally out of previous ones. In this sense, they did add up to an interrelated chain of explorations. The investigations ...

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    The schizophrenic child characteristically presents a remarkable array of symptoms. Indeed, the breadth of symptomatology and the extreme degree of divergence from normality in virtually all regulative and coordinative activities are almost diagnostic signs in themselves. Widespread disturbances seemingly occur at all levels of integration and affect all psychic functions. A proper delineation of the disorder, therefore, will emerge eventually from investigation of all dimensions of ...

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    Observation of manifestly disordered behavior in children has distinct value for highlighting salient areas of ego development in childhood. Gross deviations from presumptively normal function thus are useful guides to those facets of normal child development that are most profitably selected for psychoanalytic investigation. There is particular profit in the study of childhood schizophrenia as an instance of exceptional failure in ego. Indeed the viewpoint directing the Ittleson Center ...

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    It has been postulated that childhood schizophrenia represents an alteration of the central nervous system.1-5,16 Thus, Lauretta Bender has declared that "the schizophrenic child reveals pathology at every level and in every field of integration within the function of the central nervous system, be this vegetative, motor, perceptive, intellectual, emotional or social.... It must be conceived of as striking at the substratum of all integrative functioning."19In clinical practice, the ...

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    Pregnant patients with burn injuries present a unique challenge for general medical care and require special anesthetic considerations. A 21 year old woman at 28 weeks' gestation, who suffered 45% total burn surface area partial and full-thickness burns during a fire in her home, is presented. Anesthetic management included preparation and care during excision and skin grafting procedures, and during emergency Cesarean delivery. The management plan was developed by a multi-disciplinary ...

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    In considering the treatment of childhood schizophrenia, it should be recognized this is a psychiatric classification assigned to children with a broad gamut of ego disorders. In other words, the children deviate dramatically from normal in all aspects of self-regulative organization, involved in their orientation to and manipulation of the environment. As a group and compared to normal, they are deficient in perception, conceptual behavior, and psychomotor response; and they are very ...

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    Concept World rank
    interrelated chain explorations #1
    ittleson #1
    variations adolescent adjustment #1
    childhood selfawareness #1
    children broad gamut #1
    familyreared schizophrenic children #1
    interrelated chain #1
    childhood gross deviations #1
    concepts midst #1
    ittleson studies distillation #1
    trends scientific logic #1
    subclassification psychotic children #1
    ittleson center #1
    selfregulative organization #1
    childhood schizophrenia years #1
    motility affectivity #1
    treatment schizophrenic children #1
    analysis unique psychodynamic #1
    childhood schizophrenia disorders #1
    normal childs contact #1
    ittleson schizophrenia schizophrenia #1
    schizophrenic childs reactions #1
    selfregulative organization orientation #1
    child biological equipment #1
    individually varying impairment #1
    manifestly disordered behavior #1
    investigative task investigator #1
    philosophical implications opportunity #1
    investigation childhood schizophrenia #1
    ittleson center child #1
    opportunity major findings #1
    corrective socialization rationale #1
    behaviour schizophrenia schizophrenia #1
    psychotic children application #1
    familyreared #1
    midst investigative task #1
    investigations childhood schizophrenia #1
    functions presumptively #1
    institution babies #1
    aspects selfregulative organization #1
    investigations primary objectives #1
    behaviour schizophrenic children #1
    ittleson studies #1
    presumptively normal function #1
    ego development childhood #1
    intrapsychic dynamics question #1
    ego functions factors #1
    exceptional failure #2
    corrective socialization #2
    unique psychodynamic #2

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    Tracy Sherman
    schizophrenic children language development childhood onset schizophrenia
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    schizophrenic children thought disorder prepulse inhibition

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    Concepts for whichWILLIAM GOLDFARBhas direct influence:Schizophrenic children,  Childhood schizophrenia,  Institution children,  Foster children,  Early institutional,  Adolescent personality,  Schizophrenia schizophrenia,  Social maturity.


    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which WILLIAM GOLDFARB has influence:Autistic children,  Infantile autism,  Reactive attachment disorder,  Attachment theory,  Childhood schizophrenia,  Institutionalized child,  Maternal deprivation.



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