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    Scrambler Therapy: Top KOLs in the world

    Thomas J Smith #1
    Thomas J Smith
    Palliative Medicine Section, Division of General Internal Me
    Known for Lung Cancer | Clinical Oncology | Diesel Exhaust | United States | Scrambler Therapy
    Giuseppe Marineo #2
    Giuseppe Marineo
    Delta Research and Development, University of Rome Tor Verga
    Known for Active Principle | Cirrhosis Progression | Scrambler Therapy | Chronic Pain | Gate Control Theory

    Patrick J Coyne #3
    Patrick J Coyne
    Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC. | Inte
    Known for Pain Management | Abh Gel | Scrambler Therapy | Nebulized Fentanyl | Nursing Education
    Charles L Loprinzi #4
    Charles L Loprinzi
    Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; | Division of Medical Oncology,
    Known for Megestrol Acetate | Peripheral Neuropathy | Scrambler Therapy | Hot Flashes | Breast Cancer
    Patricia W Dodson #5
    Patricia W Dodson
    Division of Hematology/Oncology & Palliative Care, Virginia
    Known for Durable Remission | Gastric Bypass | Normal Volunteers | Abh Gel | Scrambler Therapy
    Deirdre R Pachman #6
    Deirdre R Pachman
    Center for Palliative Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn
    Known for Stellate Ganglion Block | Resilient Living Program | Integrative Therapies | Scrambler Therapy | Hot Flashes
    Daniel Honore Lachance #7
    Daniel Honore Lachance
    Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN | From t
    Known for Glioma Risk | Mayo Clinic | Mgmt Methylation Status | Idh Mutation | Scrambler Therapy
    Vittorio Iorno #8
    Vittorio Iorno
    Mario Tiengo Center of Pain Medicine, Maggiore Polyclinic Ho
    Known for Neuropathic Pain | Tracheal Intubation | Scrambler Therapy | Cataract Surgery | Analgesic Response
    Vincenzo Moschini #9
    Vincenzo Moschini
    U.O Anestesia and Rianimazione Pediatrica, IRCCS Fondazione
    Known for Tracheal Intubation | Visual Evoked Potentials | Cataract Surgery | Scrambler Therapy | Epidural Analgesia
    Cristiano Gandini #10
    Cristiano Gandini
    Centro di Medicina del Dolore “Mario Tiengo”, IRCCS Fondazio
    Known for Neuropathic Pain | Ncpap Infants | Feasibility Delivery | Scrambler Therapy | Facial Mask