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Concepts for which A Diakonoff has direct influence:

sebaceous hyperplasia
archbold expedition
transplant recipients
fusion inhibitor
lepidoptera tortricoidea
hiv-1 entry
netherlands indian

Prominent publications by A Diakonoff

KOL-Index: 9 BACKGROUND: Patients receiving kidney or heart transplants are subject to a wide range of cutaneous changes attributed largely to the immunosuppression required to prevent rejection of their transplant. In addition to infection, they have an increased incidence of dysplastic lesions, some of which are malignant. OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to determine the incidence of sebaceous hyperplasia ...
Known for
30-Month Screening Period | Dysplastic Epithelial Proliferation | 104 16 Heart Transplant | Age- Sex-Matched
KOL-Index: 5
Known for
Lepidoptera Tortricoidea
KOL-Index: 3 The fusion inhibitor T20 belongs to a new class of anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) drugs designed to block entry of the virus into the host cell. However, the success of T20 has met with the inevitable emergence of drug-resistant HIV-1 variants. We describe an evolutionary pathway taken by HIV-1 to escape from the selective pressure of T20 in a treated patient. Besides the ...
Known for
Resistant Hiv-1 | Entry T20 | Dependent Immunodeficiency | Inhibitor Fusion

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