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Secondary Hypertension: Top KOLs in the world

William F Jr Young #1
William F Jr Young
Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, and Nutriti
Known for Pituitary Adenomas |  Mayo Clinic |  Neoplasia Type |  Primary Aldosteronism |  Multiple Endocrine
Robert M Carey #2
Robert M Carey
Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Monash University, Cla
Known for Angiotensin Type |  Primary Aldosteronism |  Hypercapnic Acidosis |  Resistant Hypertension |  Blood Pressure

Michael Stowasser #3
Michael Stowasser
Endocrine Hypertension Research Centre, University of Queens
Known for Blood Pressure |  Unilateral Adrenalectomy |  Resistant Hypertension |  Adrenal Venous Sampling |  Primary Aldosteronism
Pierre‐François Plouin #4
Pierre‐François Plouin
Assistance-publique-hôpitaux de Paris, Department of Hyperte
Known for Fibromuscular Dysplasia |  Renal Artery |  Hypertensive Patients |  Primary Aldosteronism |  Blood Pressure
Giuseppe Mancia #5
Giuseppe Mancia
University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy (G.M., G.G.). | U
Known for Metabolic Syndrome |  Cardiovascular Risk |  Hypertensive Patients |  Blood Pressure |  Heart Rate
Franco Mantero #6
Franco Mantero
Endocrinology Unit, Department of Medicine DIMED, University
Known for Adipose Tissue |  Blood Pressure |  Adrenal Tumors |  Cushing Syndrome |  Primary Aldosteronism
Celso Enrique GómezSánchez #7
Celso Enrique GómezSánchez
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Mis
Known for Zona Glomerulosa |  Mineralocorticoid Receptor |  Aldosterone Secretion |  Blood Pressure |  Primary Aldosteronism
Franco Veglio #8
Franco Veglio
Internal Medicine and Hypertension Unit, Department of Medic
Known for Essential Hypertension |  Hypertensive Patients |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Primary Aldosteronism |  Blood Pressure
Paolo Mulatero #9
Paolo Mulatero
Division of Internal Medicine and Hypertension, Department o
Known for Essential Hypertension |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Patients Pa |  Blood Pressure |  Primary Aldosteronism
Carlos Enrique Fardella #10
Carlos Enrique Fardella
Millenium Institute on Immunology and Immunotherapy IMII, Po
Known for Essential Hypertension |  Blood Pressure |  Sodium Intake |  Intracellular Calcium |  Primary Aldosteronism


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