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    KOL Index score: 5126

    We empirically analyze the effects of a company’s community of practice and knowledge management system on knowledge management activities and management performance. We gather data by administering surveys to large- and mid-sized companies in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and other regions of Korea. The company samples collected are statistically analyzed using methods: hierarchical analysis and structural equation modeling. First, the community of practice has a positive effect on the knowledge ...

    Also Ranks for: Knowledge Management |  innovation performance |  hierarchical analysis |  structural equation modeling |  communities practice
    KOL Index score: 3451

    This study examined whether external factors, which are charity project, charity organization, Internet technology features and social network site (SNS) features influence people’s general attitude towards online donation and their intention to donate via SNS. An online survey was conducted based on the framework of factors influencing the intention to donate via SNS that was adapted from the literature review. Data from 258 respondents were used for analysis. Structural equation ...

    Also Ranks for: Factors Intention |  general attitude |  online survey |  internet technology |  literature review
    KOL Index score: 2725

    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore the differences in the external factors influencing intention to donate via social network sites (SNSs), and the online donation knowledge and awareness effect on the willingness to donate via SNS in the future between Malaysian and South Korean users. Design/methodology/approach In total, 288 samples’ data obtained from online survey using the snowball technique were analyzed through using cross-tabulation with χ 2 tests and multiple ...

    Also Ranks for: Online Donations |  south korean |  intention donate |  network sites |  practical implications
    KOL Index score: 2270

    With the rapid development of information technology, the ways of usage have changed drastically. The ways and efficiency of traditional service application to data processing already could not satisfy the requirements of modern users. Nowadays, users have already understood the importance of data. Therefore, the processing and saving of big data have become the main research of the Internet service company. In China, with the rise and explosion of 115 Cloud leads to other technology ...

    Also Ranks for: Cloud Service |  rapid development
    KOL Index score: 1456

    This article empirically analyzes a model of knowledge transfer activation based on trade in knowledge market perspective. We aim to provide insights into trade in the knowledge market through an empirical analysis. Using a research model with a theoretical basis on knowledge sharing culture and trade in knowledge market, we conducted an empirical study using data on enterprises' knowledge management systems (KMSs). The results revealed that 62.6% of the variance in knowledge transfer ...

    Also Ranks for: Knowledge Transfer |  empirical study
    KOL Index score: 993

    An importance of knowledge management (KM) leads many companies to utilize knowledge management system (KMS) but the users do not make use of KMS frequently. The purpose of our work is to examine how knowledge market-based price mechanism affects the utilization of current KMS and to find out solutions to improve KMS use. For the purposes of this investigation, we analyzed large enterprises and public institutions using KMS in Korea with differentiated groups by the survey. As a result ...

    Also Ranks for: Knowledge Management
    KOL Index score: 430

    This study presents an empirical evidence of benefit of narrative video clips in embedded virtual reality (VR) websites of hotels for relieving travel security concern. Even though it was proven that VR functions do provide some relief in travel security concern, a stronger VR website can be built when narrative video clips that show video clips with narration about important aspects of the hotel. Thus we created a video clip that showed and narrated about the escape route from the hotel ...

    Also Ranks for: Virtual Reality
    KOL Index score: 371

    This study aimed to examine how information quality (IQ) attributes affect perceived usefulness and customer satisfaction of SNS-based commerce from the perspective of Malaysian SNS users. Although many studies have been conducted to identify possible IQ attributes in the context of e-commerce, only a limited number of studies have tested and examined the direct effects of the IQ attributes on perceived usefulness and customer satisfaction, particularly in the s-commerce context (i.e., ...

    KOL Index score: 95

    This study examined social network services (SNS) self-image and relationship influences on SNS addiction in a cross-national sample of adults (N = 444; South Africans = 214, Americans = 230; females = 49.3%) using survey data collected by the global Entrust Survey. Structural equation model analyses indicated SNS self-image to enhance effect desire for SNS friendship and SNS personal relationships. Moreover, SNS self-image in association with SNS personal relationships, rather than SNS ...


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