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BackgroundSeptal extension grafts are an effective means of extending nasal length in patients with a short nose. However, such grafts can be challenging in patients who only have small quantities of weak septal cartilage, such as some East Asian patients. We developed a rhinoplasty technique using ethmoid bone to create a cartilage–bone complex to overcome this issue, allowing adequate nasal lengthening.MethodsSixty-four women with short noses and inadequate septal cartilage determined ...

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BACKGROUND: Facial fractures are infrequent in children and adolescents and have different clinical features from those in adults. The low incidence in children and adolescents reflects the flexibility and underdevelopment of their facial skeletons, as well as their more protected environments. Only a few reports have reviewed such patients in Korea. The authors performed a retrospective study to analyze the characteristics of facial fractures in the Korean pediatric population.


Known for Facial Fractures |  Children Adolescents |  Adolescent Population |  Retrospective Review |  Fracture Common
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PURPOSE: Measuring the change in orbital volume may help to predict enophthalmos, but it is time consuming and difficult to apply. We devised a new and straightforward method with which to estimate the degree of enophthalmos.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: This retrospective cohort study was performed from January 2013 to December 2015. Patients who underwent initial computed tomography (CT) examination and surgical reconstruction in our hospital were selected. An imaginary line connecting the ...

Known for Blowout Fractures |  Orbital Volume |  Medial Wall |  Enophthalmos Female |  Studies Tomography
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BackgroundDual-plane techniques offer excellent pocket locations for breast augmentation. Traditional techniques require incisions in the inframammary or periareolar crease, which are rarely accepted in the authors’ department because of visible scars on the breast. Therefore, the authors developed a transaxillary approach for dual-plane procedures using an endoscope.MethodsDuring a period of 36 months between April 2009 and March 2012, 89 consecutive patients with small breasts were ...

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Medial orbital wall fractures can cause severe aesthetic and functional complications, if not treated properly. The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate the use of titanium mesh plates inserted through the pericaruncular approach for the treatment of medial orbital wall fractures. Between 1 July 2010 and 1 January 2013, a total of 17 patients with large medial orbital wall defects were treated. All of the large bony defects were treated using titanium mesh plates inserted ...

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BACKGROUND: During the planning of a thoracodorsal artery perforator (TDAP) free flap, preoperative multidetector-row computed tomographic (MDCT) angiography is valuable for predicting the locations of perforators. However, CT-based perforator mapping of the thoracodorsal artery is not easy because of its small diameter. Thus, we evaluated 1-mm-thick MDCT images in multiple planes to search for reliable perforators accurately.

METHODS: Between July 2010 and October 2011, 19 consecutive ...

Known for Thoracodorsal Artery |  Computed Tomographic |  Perforator Tdap
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BackgroundIn Asian rhinoplasty, a septal extension graft can be used for both tip projection and derotation of the alar cartilage. However, patients often do not have enough harvestable septal cartilage to create the septal extension graft. We therefore devised a method with which to fix the derotated alar cartilage with a small amount of septal cartilage.MethodsFrom January 2012 to December 2016, 23 patients underwent short nose correction with a septal half extension graft made of ...

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BackgroundForehead reduction is gaining in popularity, as facial proportions that include shorter upper and lower thirds are currently more aesthetically pleasing. In this first large-scale study, we present an analysis of several important aspects of surgical design and postoperative complications associated with forehead reduction performed via a pretrichial skin excision.MethodsPatients who underwent surgery from 2006 to 2018 were reviewed retrospectively. Data included the amount of ...

Known for Forehead Reduction Surgery |  641 Cases |  Anterior Hairline |  Pretrichial Incision |  Asian Continental
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BackgroundMedial epicanthoplasty is a common aesthetic surgery in Asia to remove the epicanthal fold. With increasing use of this surgery, unsatisfactory results have grown. Several methods have been developed to correct it. However, there are limitations in restoration if the patient has a severe scar or does not have enough skin for reconstruction. By aggressively removing scar tissue, the authors present a better reverse redraping epicanthoplasty.MethodsThe procedure was performed on ...

Known for Evidence Authors |  Medial Epicanthoplasty |  Asian Continental |  Ancestry Blepharoplasty |  Epicanthal Fold
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BACKGROUND: Pyogenic granuloma (PG) is a benign vascular lesion of the mucosa and skin. Recent studies of the epidemiology of PG are rare. We aimed to retrospectively analyze characteristics of PG cases in South Korea.

METHODS: We reviewed the medical records of 155 patients treated for PG between March 2005 and May 2014. The male-to-female ratio was 1:1.2 (70 males, 85 females). The mean age of patients was 35.3 years.

RESULTS: A high occurrence was observed in the first and third ...

Known for Pyogenic Granuloma
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BACKGROUND: Nasal pyramid fractures accompanied by saddle nose deformities are not easily corrected by closed reduction. We used an absorbable plate as a perpendicular strut to support the collapsed "keystone area" and obtained good results.

METHODS: Between September 2008 and June 2011, 18 patients who had nasal pyramid fractures with saddle nose deformities underwent surgery. Pre- and postoperative facial computed tomographic images and photographs were taken to estimate outcomes. The ...

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INTRODUCTION: Various materials have been used as implants in orbital floor fractures. The fractured bone fragments, however, are not usually used because of their small size and delicate characteristics. To overcome this limitation, the authors used autologous bone fragments combined with fibrin glue and an absorbable plate to repair inferior orbital wall fractures.

METHODS: Thirty-four patients with orbital floor fractures treated in a single center from January 2013 to September 2014 ...

Known for Orbital Fractures |  Fibrin Tissue |  Reconstructive Surgical |  Autologous Bone |  Preoperative Postoperative
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INTRODUCTION: The chin is a very important aesthetic subunit of the face. The diverse materials and methods for chin augmentation can be classified according to autologous tissues and artificial ones. Among them, reports on the effectiveness of dermal graft for chin augmentation are scarce. The authors report on our new techniques and surgical results regarding chin augmentation using a dermal graft.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: From July 2010 to January 2013, the authors performed ...

Known for Chin Augmentation
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septal extension grafting #5
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thoracodorsal artery perforators #9
cartilage septal #11
extension grafting #12
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correction septal #16
columellar labial #16
septal extension #27
absorbable plate #39
eyelid upper #43
septal extension graft #45
641 cases #56
mesh plates #64
nose correction #76
facial fractures children #78
labial angle #78
medial epicanthoplasty #80
trichoblastic carcinoma #85
blepharoplasty cicatrix #87
medial wall fractures #96

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