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Serous Carcinoma

Robert J Kurman #1
Robert J Kurman
Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and Department of Pa
Known for Serous Carcinoma | Ovarian Cancer | Intermediate Trophoblast | Endometrial Hyperplasia
Ie‐Ming Shih #2
Ie‐Ming Shih
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Med
Known for Serous Carcinoma | Gene Expression | Fallopian Tube | Trophoblastic Tumors

David Marc Gershenson #3
David Marc Gershenson
Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine
Known for Germ Cell | Serous Carcinoma | Low Malignant Potential | Gynecologic Oncology
Robert A Soslow #4
Robert A Soslow
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Memorial Sl
Known for Ovarian Carcinomas | Clear Cell | Serous Carcinoma | Uterine Leiomyosarcoma
Elvio Guillermo Silva #5
Elvio Guillermo Silva
Department of Pathology, The University of Texas M.D. Anders
Known for Serous Carcinoma | Guinea Pigs | Low Malignant Potential | Ovarian Neoplasms
Karen H Lu #6
Karen H Lu
Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine
Known for Endometrial Carcinoma | Genetic Testing | Early Detection | Ovarian Cancer
Cyril Blake Gilks #7
Cyril Blake Gilks
Canadian Immunohistochemistry Quality Control, University of
Known for Endometrial Carcinoma | Clear Cell | Molecular Classification | Fallopian Tube
Michael R Hendrickson #8
Michael R Hendrickson
Department of Pathology, Stanford University School of Medic
Known for Endometrial Stromal | Smooth Muscle | Uterine Corpus | Gastrointestinal Tract
Anais L Malpica #9
Anais L Malpica
Department of Pathology, The University of Texas MD Anderson
Known for Low Grade | Oxime Formation | Vulvar Cancer | Microsatellite Instability
Michael T Deavers #10
Michael T Deavers
Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Institute, Housto
Known for Serous Carcinoma | Tumor Cells | Estrogen Receptor | Low Malignant Potential

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