• Sevelamer Carbonate
  • Sevelamer Carbonate

    Sevelamer Carbonate: Top KOLs in the world

    Glenn Matthew Chertow #1
    Glenn Matthew Chertow
    Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA |
    Known for Acute Kidney Injury | United States | Bardoxolone Methyl | Hemodialysis Patients | Chronic Kidney Disease
    Geoffrey A Block #2
    Geoffrey A Block
    US Renal Care | Department of Clinical Research and Medical
    Known for Ferric Citrate | Hemodialysis Patients | Chronic Kidney Disease | Bardoxolone Methyl | Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

    Paolo M Raggi #3
    Paolo M Raggi
    Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, University o
    Known for Rheumatoid Arthritis | Myocardial Ischemia | Vascular Calcification | Mental Stress | Coronary Artery
    Steven K Burke #4
    Steven K Burke
    Genzyme Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA | Kidney
    Known for Hemodialysis Patients | Colesevelam Hcl | Calcium Acetate | Sevelamer Hydrochloride | Serum Phosphorus
    Markus Ketteler #5
    Markus Ketteler
    Department of General Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Robe
    Known for Chronic Kidney Disease | Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide | Secondary Hyperparathyroidism | Dialysis Patients | Vascular Calcification
    Scott Chasan‐Taber #6
    Scott Chasan‐Taber
    Genzyme, Cambridge, Massachusetts. | Biostatistics, Genzyme
    Known for Congestive Heart Failure | Hemodialysis Patients | Uric Acid | Chronic Kidney Disease | Sevelamer Carbonate
    Maureen A Dillon #7
    Maureen A Dillon
    Genzyme Corporation, Cambridge, MA, USA | Genzyme Corporatio
    Known for Hemodialysis Patients | Dialysis Vintage | Lipid Profile | Serum Phosphorus | Sevelamer Carbonate
    David M Spiegel #8
    David M Spiegel
    Clinical Development. | Clinical Development, Relypsa Inc.,
    Known for Serum Potassium | Calcium Balance | Phosphate Binders | Chronic Kidney Disease | Dialysis Patients
    Andrew T Blair #9
    Andrew T Blair
    Genzyme Corporation (T.K. S., S.M., N.B., A.B.), Framingham,
    Known for Coronary Calcification | Phosphate Binders | Sevelamer Carbonate | Hemodialysis Patients | Uric Acid
    Anthony J Bleyer #10
    Anthony J Bleyer
    Section on Nephrology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winst
    Known for African Americans | Sudden Death | Hemodialysis Patients | Kidney Disease | Renal Insufficiency

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