Lisa M. Diamond

Lisa M. Diamond

University Of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah11correspondence To: Lisa M. Diamond, Department Of Psychology, University Of Utah, 380 South 1530 East, Room 502, Salt Lake City, Ut ...

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sexual orientation
intimate relationships
emotion regulation
attachment style
individual differences
vagal tone
same-sex attractions

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sexual orientation
cancer survivors
diurnal cortisol
same-sex attraction
marital satisfaction
everyday discrimination
anorgasmic women

Prominent publications by Lisa M. Diamond

KOL-Index: 66 In September of 2019, the largest-ever (N = 477,522) genome-wide-association study of same-gender sexuality was published in Science. The primary finding was that multiple genes are significantly associated with ever engaging in same-gender sexual behavior, accounting for between 8-25% of variance in this outcome. Yet an additional finding of this study, which received less attention, has ...
Known for
Gender Behavior | Sexuality Genes | 8-25
KOL-Index: 62 Sexually-diverse individuals (those who seek sexual or romantic relationships with the same and/or multiple genders) and gender-diverse individuals (those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from their birth-assigned sex/gender) have disproportionately high physical health problems, but the underlying biological causes for these health disparities remain unclear. Building on the ...
Known for
Sexual Gender | Physical Psychological Threats | Primary Biobehavioral Pathway | Minority Stress Model
KOL-Index: 39 About one eighth of people are exposed to adversities such as abuse and neglect. Life history theory suggests that early experiences of adversity are strongly associated with later engagement in risky sexual behaviors. Specifically, those exposed to early adversity tend to engage in sex at an earlier age, have casual sex, and have high numbers of partners. Interestingly, it is also known ...
Known for
Potential Mediating Mechanism | Adversities | Relevant Theoretical Empirical | Unique Developmental Experiences
KOL-Index: 35 In this chapter, we provide a comprehensive overview of current state‐of‐the‐art research on intimate relationships, attempting to synthesize research findings within a broader life‐span/developmental framework. We review key findings on the basic dynamics of romantic attachment, the development of romantic ties at different stages of life, and the multiple intrapsychic and interpersonal ...
Known for
Life‐span‐developmental Premises | Relationships Span | Social Psychological | Changing Socioemotional Capacities
KOL-Index: 27 We review scientific research and legal authorities to argue that the immutability of sexual orientation should no longer be invoked as a foundation for the rights of individuals with same-sex attractions and relationships (i.e., sexual minorities). On the basis of scientific research as well as U.S. legal rulings regarding lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) rights, we make three claims: ...
Known for
Bisexual Lgb Rights | Minorities Arguments | Other-Sex Attractions | Sexuality Experience
KOL-Index: 19 Mindfulness - the ability to pay attention, on purpose, without judgment, and in the present moment - has consistently been shown to enhance women's sexual arousal. As a first step toward understanding potential neuroendocrine underpinnings of mindfulness and sexual arousal, we examined whether individual differences in subjective and neuroendocrine (i.e., oxytocin) responses to mindful ...
Known for
Sexual Arousal Induction | Responses Mindful | Greater Subjective Responsiveness | Arousal Oxytocinergic
KOL-Index: 19 Objective: To explore sexual orientation disparities in unwanted pregnancy by race/ethnicity. Background: Previous research has documented that sexual-minority women (SMW) are more likely to report unplanned pregnancy than heterosexual women, and that Black and Latina women are more likely to report unplanned pregnancy than White women. No research has examined how pregnancy intention varies ...
Known for
Unwanted | Sexual Minority | Women Black | Latina
KOL-Index: 16 Extensive research has investigated links between individual differences in youths' autonomic nervous system (ANS) functioning and psychological outcomes related to emotion regulation, yet little of this research has examined developmental change. The study tested whether individual differences in youths' tonic and stress-induced ANS functioning, assessed at age 14, and changes in ANS ...
Known for
Functioning Interpersonal Behavior | Scl Stress Reactivity | Videotaped Mother-Child Conflict Interactions | Increased Baseline Respiratory Sinus

Adolescent Sexuality

KOL-Index: 16
KOL-Index: 15 This chapter provides a comprehensive review of current research on children's and adolescents' sexual motivations, desires, and behaviors, and the multiple factors that influence the unfolding of their sexual‐developmental trajectories. We adopt the view that sexual desire and behavior represent normative features of child and adolescent development that have the potential to foster and ...
Known for
Desire Behavior

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah11Correspondence to: Lisa M. Diamond, Department of Psychology, University of Utah, 380 South 1530 East, Room 502, Salt Lake City, UT 84112. Phone 801-585-7491; email diamond@psych.uta

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