• Shoes Participants
  • Shoes Participants

    Shoes Participants: Top KOLs in the world

    Benno Maurus NIGG #1
    Benno Maurus NIGG
    Human Performance Laboratory, Faculty of Kinesiology, Univer
    Known for Impact Forces | Ankle Joint | Arch Height | Running Shoes | Muscle Activity
    Thomas G McPoil #2
    Thomas G McPoil
    Regis University. | School of Physical Therapy, Regis Univer
    Known for Patellofemoral Pain | Plantar Pressure | Arch Height | Muscle Stiffness | Foot Orthoses

    Mark W Cornwall #3
    Mark W Cornwall
    Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, Northe
    Known for Plantar Pressure | Windlass Mechanism | Manual Therapy | Rearfoot Motion | Foot Posture
    Hylton B Menz #4
    Hylton B Menz
    La Trobe University | School of Medicine, Keele University,
    Known for Hallux Valgus | Plantar Pressure | Randomised Trial | Foot Pain | Older People
    Dominic Thewlis #5
    Dominic Thewlis
    Adelaide Medical School, Thew University of Adelaide, Adelai
    Known for Running Economy | Tibial Plateau Fractures | Postural Alignment | Minimalist Shoes | Foot Orthoses
    Bill T Vicenzino #6
    Bill T Vicenzino
    School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The University
    Known for Corticosteroid Injection | Gluteal Tendinopathy | Patellofemoral Pain | Foot Orthoses | Lateral Epicondylalgia
    Jonathan David Buckley #7
    Jonathan David Buckley
    Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (A
    Known for Heart Rate | Exercise Performance | Weight Loss | Minimalist Shoes | Body Composition
    Rodger Kram #8
    Rodger Kram
    Locomotion Lab, Department of Integrative Physiology, Univer
    Known for Leg Swing | Lateral Balance | Human Running | Reduced Gravity | Metabolic Cost
    Margarita D Tsiros #9
    Margarita D Tsiros
    Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity, U
    Known for Sedentary Behaviour | Childhood Obesity | Stride Interval | Minimalist Shoes | Running Economy
    Joel T Fuller #10
    Joel T Fuller
    Macquarie University, Australia | Department of Health Profe
    Known for Neck Pain | Functional Movement Screen | Minimalist Shoes | Running Performance | Injury Risk

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