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The free oil (first Soxhlet extract) and adsorbed oil (Soxhlet extract after the removal of minerals) obtained from the clay minerals in the <2 μm size fraction as separated from eight hydrocarbon reservoir sandstone samples, and oil inclusions obtained from the grains of seven of these eight samples were studied via GC, GC–MS and elemental analyses. The free oil is dominated by saturated hydrocarbons (61.4–87.5%) with a low content of resins and asphaltenes (6.0–22.0% in total) while ...

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OBJECTIVES: Although it is widely believed that China is facing a major shortage of pediatricians, the real situation of the current national status of pediatric human resources and their working conditions has not been evaluated to date.

METHODS: We administered a survey to 54 214 hospitals from all 31 provinces in mainland China from 2015 to 2016. Hospital directors of all secondary and tertiary hospitals with pediatric services and a random sample (10%) of primary hospitals provided ...

Also Ranks for: Gini Coefficient |  crosssectional studies |  mainland china |  pediatric health |  dropout rates
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PurposeFractional flow reserve based on coronary computed tomographic angiography (CCTA; FFRCT) can evaluate functional severity in coronary artery disease (CAD). This study investigated the diagnostic value of FFRCT for determining CAD severity.Materials and methodsMedline, Cochrane, EMBASE, and Google Scholar databases were searched until June 16, 2016 using the following search terms: fractional flow reserve, coronary computed tomography angiography, myocardial ischemia. Randomized ...

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Diabetes is a major public health problem in China. Diabetes self-management is critical for patients to achieved better health outcomes, however, previous studies have shown suboptimal diabetes self-management performance. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to identify factors associated with diabetes self-management in Chinese adults. The results showed that confrontation, resignation, overall health beliefs, perceived susceptibility, perceived barriers, and ...

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Parabronema skrjabini is one of the most harmful nematodes to camels and is responsible for economic losses in animal husbandry industry. There is an urgent need for in-depth studies of potential vectors of the nematode due to its scant regarding information. As previous studies indicated that flies may be the vectors of P. skrjabini, we captured flies in the main camel-producing areas of Inner Mongolia. After autopsy of the specimens of two species of horn flies, we observed the ...

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Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common arrhythmia. In 2014, two new meta-GWAS identified 5 AF loci, including the NEURL locus, GJA1 locus, CAND2 locus, and TBX5 locus in the European ancestry populations and the NEURL locus and CUX2 locus in a Japanese population. The TBX5 locus for AF was reported by us in 2013 in the Chinese population. Here we assessed the association between AF and SNPs in the NEURL, GJA1, CAND2 and CUX2 loci in the Chinese Han population. We carried out a large ...

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This paper innovatively proposes a new model of multi-type production system which can process different types of production. The multi-type production system consists of several independent sequentially ordered subsystems which undertaking different tasks. Different types of production require different manufacturing lines: required subsystems will be powered on, while others powered off. The system can switch into different production line based on detection results. A binary matrix is ...

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Rapid advice guidelines for management of children with COVID-19

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Purpose: To evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with different areas of right retroperitoneal space (rRPS) invasion and analyze the blood supply.

Methods: This retrospective study enrolled 41 patients with HCC with different areas of rRPS invasion treated with TACE, including 22 HCCs with superior aspect of the right perirenal space (SARPS) invasion and 19 HCCs with right anterior pararenal space (RAPS) ...

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Growth hormone (GH) has been used for over 35 years, and its safety and efficacy has been studied extensively. Experimental studies showing the permissive role of GH/insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) in carcinogenesis have raised concerns regarding the safety of GH replacement in children and adults who have received treatment for cancer and those with intracranial and pituitary tumours. A consensus statement was produced to guide decision-making on GH replacement in children and ...

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Dominant social theories have rarely placed migration at the center of our understanding of society and social change. Classical theories in the Western tradition have been more preoccupied with the impact of economic and political revolutions on social change, stratification and class conflict, and have paid far less attention to other important aspects of society. Contemporary theories have expanded the theoretical gaze to include a much wider set of issues, from racial and gender ...

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While deep convolutional networks gain overwhelming accuracy for computer vision, they are also well‐known for their high computation costs and memory demands. Given limited resources, they are difficult to apply. As a consequence, it is beneficial to investigate small, lightweight, accurate deep convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) that are better suited for resource‐limited electronic devices. This study presents qNet and sqNet, two small and efficient ConvNets for fast traffic ...

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National Medical Center for Major Public Health Events, Wuhan, China; State Key Laboratory for Zoonotic Diseases, Wuhan, China; Department of Pediatrics, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, C