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sided colon
colorectal cancer
preoperative endoscopic
advanced rectal
neoadjuvant chemotherapy
cleansing agent
tumor track

Prominent publications by Ismail Gögenur

KOL-Index: 2 Approximately 1/3 of patients with a permanent end-colostomy will experience a hernia around the stoma. In some cases these problems result in the need of surgical correction and the risk of recurrent hernia after operative intervention is regrettably high. Preliminary investigations suggest a role for primary mesh placement to prevent parastomal hernia. The use of a mesh as a preventive ...
Known for
Preventive Measure | Operative Intervention | Preliminary Investigations | Safe Procedure
KOL-Index: 2 The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of neoadjuvant electrochemotherapy on locally advanced rectal cancer (UICC II-III) in an intended curative clinical setting, using an endoscopic electroporation device (EndoVE). Detailed Description Electroporation of cancer cells allows for a greater concentration of chemotherapy drugs to enter the tumor cells. The uptake of ...
Known for
Procedure Endoscopic | Evaluate Safety | Prior Intended | Tumor Mass
KOL-Index: 2 Crossover study comparing Moviprep (for bowel cleansing) with a new gel-based colon cleansing agent before colonoscopy Detailed Description Crossover study comparing Moviprep (for bowel cleansing) with a new gel-based colon cleansing agent before colonoscopy.Study performed in health subjects.. Crossover study comparing Moviprep (for bowel cleansing) with a new gel-based colon cleansing ...
Known for
Bowel Cleansing | Comparing Moviprep | Agent Colonoscopy | Detailed Crossover
KOL-Index: 2 The main clinical hypothesis is that compared to radio-chemotherapy for low and mid rectal tumors or surgery for high rectal tumors neoadjuvant chemotherapy reduces the rate of distant relapse without increasing the rate of local relapse.The aim of the present study is to compare long term and short term outcomes in rectal cancer patients undergoing standard treatment ...
Known for
Functional Toxicity | Systemic Combination | Cancer Hypothesis | Chemotherapy Mid
KOL-Index: 2 Patients undergoing an operation for colorectal cancer are normally treated with non-steroid-anti-inflammatory-drugs (NSAIDs) e.g. ibuprofen as pain medication after the operation. It is well known that NSAIDs can be harmful to kidney-and heart patients and some studies also have shown an increased risc of surgical complications after treatment with NSAIDs. On the other hand recent studies ...
Known for
Paracetamol Opioid | Omission Nsaids | Postoperative Discharge | Program Period
KOL-Index: 2 Clinical studies have shown that patients with right-sided colon cancer have reduced progression-free and overall survival compared to patients with left-sided colon cancer. At the same time, patients with right-sided colon adenomas have a higher risk of developing interval cancers after endoscopic mucosal resection. Dysbiosis and known bacterial drivers play a significant role in the ...
Known for
Normal Mucosa | Endoscopic Fosfomycin | Adenoma Intervention | Tissue Analyzed

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