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    Eyelid and Orbital Treatment Following Radical Maxillectomy

    Authors: Daniel BakerByron SmithRichard D Lisman
    Year: 1984
    Times cited: 14

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    Eyelid and Orbital Treatment Following Radical Maxillectomy


    Malignant lesions of the nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses often encroach upon the orbit. A series of nineteen patients who underwent partial or radical maxillectomy is presented to summarize the eyelid and orbital findings that required further treatment. Fifteen of these patients were left with an intact globe and a visually useful eye, but the defects of epiphora, eyelid malposition, dacryocystitis, and diplopia were visually threatening and required treatment. The cosmetic deformities and diplopia following maxillectomy and radiation are partially amenable to treatment with late bone grafting. Lacrimal outflow deficiencies were successfully treated with dacryocystorhinostomy. Only patients with ocular complications following maxillectomy are included in this series; therefore, the range of problems and their treatment confronting the ophthalmologist is summarized.

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