Christian Sigg

Christian Sigg

University Hospital Of Zurich, Department Of Dermatology, Zurich, Switzerland

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Concepts for which Christian Sigg has direct influence:

skin complexion
melanocytic atypia
malignant melanoma
dysplastic nevi
rainfall prediction
mining techniques
male genitourinary tuberculosis

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steroid sulfatase
placental microsomes
skin fibroblasts
nevocytic nevi
invasive malignant melanoma
x-linked recessive ichthyosis
mongolian spots

Prominent publications by Christian Sigg

KOL-Index: 11 Even though the exact spectrum of tumors is not yet defined in the dysplastic nevus syndrome (DNS), the increasing frequency of associated cancers is remarkable. The observation of 4 patients with sporadic form of DNS suffering from seminoma or embryonal carcinoma of the testicle suggests that germ cell tumors of the testis represent another form of associated cancer in DNS.
Known for
Sporadic Form | Testicle | Embryonal Carcinoma | Syndrome Tumors
KOL-Index: 9 To determine the prevalence of congenital melanoevocytic nevi (CMN), of so-called congenital nevus-like nevi (CNLN), nevi spili (NS) and café-au-lait spots (CLS) in childhood, a series of 939 children aged 8-16 years had total skin examination. CMN/CNLN were observed in a frequency of 5.9%, NS in 2.1% and CLS even in 32.7%. Except CLS (which occurred more frequently in boys), all of these ...
Known for
Nevi Cmn | Skin Examination | Cnln Children | Preferentially Trunk
KOL-Index: 9 There are familial forms in 1%-11% of all malignant melanomas. The familial type of malignant melanoma, however, is heterogeneous and not clearly defined. Three groups of familial malignant melanoma may be distinguished: malignant melanoma without additional skin disorders, melanoma associated with disturbances in the pigmentation system (including albinism, congenital nevi, and the ...
Known for
Albinism | Familial Malignant Melanoma | 1-11 | Additional Skin Disorders
KOL-Index: 8 We prospectively analyzed skeletal changes of 16 patients who were treated with acitretin for various disorders of keratinization at doses of 10-50 mg/day (overall mean 0.4 mg/kg/day) for 7-12 months (mean 11.4 months). Skeletal changes from pretherapy findings were observed in 5 patients. In 4 of 5 patients they appeared to be linked to a preexisting degenerative pathology and could not be ...
Known for
7-12 Months | Keratinization | 4 5
KOL-Index: 7 In 939 schoolchildren aged 8-16 years skin complexion was determined by a system of seven categories Anamnestic data concerning tanning ability and history of sunburns, however, were not considered owing to their obvious unreliability in children. Mean nevus count was 17.97, was significantly higher in boys than in girls and increased with age. There was a clear relation of mean nevus number ...
Known for
Number Skin | Pigment Content | Anamnestic | Higher Nevus Count
KOL-Index: 6 In 2 cases with the classical clinical features described in connection with papillomatose papuleuse confluente et réticulée amyloid deposits could be demonstrated by histochemical (alkaline Congo red and thioflavin T reaction) and electron microscopical means. These results allow to discuss the nosological position of this disease.
Known for
Réticulée Amyloid Deposits | Thioflavin | Microscopical
KOL-Index: 6 Based on our observations in 25 patients and on the literature of the last few years, we comment on the clinical findings, genetics, histology, ultrastructure, malignant degeneration and therapy of congenital nevocytic nevi. The differences between large and medium-sized nevi are emphasized.
KOL-Index: 6 The successful immunotherapy by dinitrochlorobenzene in a 71-year-old woman suffering for 2 years from an exulcerated acrolentiginous melanoma is reported.
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Acrolentiginous Melanoma | 71-Year-Old Woman
KOL-Index: 6
Known for
Andrological Investigations

University Hospital of Zurich, Department of Dermatology, Zurich, Switzerland

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