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    Background: Skin picking disorder is an under-recognized and understudied mental disorder associated with severe psychological and medical consequences. Affected individuals barely receive adequate treatment, given the scarcity of expertise in healthcare professionals and the lack of evidence-based interventions.The present study seeks to evaluate an Internet-based self-help intervention for skin picking ("SaveMySkin") within a pilot study. The intervention is based on ...

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    At least since the introduction of the official diagnosis Excoriation (Skin-Picking) Disorder in the DSM-5 [1], dermatillomania is an important and growing field of research. Despite the high importance currently a huge lack of German assessment instruments exists. Aim of the present study was the examination of the psychometric properties of the German translation of the Skin Picking Scale-Revised [2]. For this purpose an open online study has been conducted. The analysis of N=2 065 ...

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    BACKGROUND: Skin picking disorder has received growing attention since the release of DSM-5, yet there are no evidence-based assessment instruments for adolescent samples.

    AIM: The present study examines the psychometric properties of the Skin Picking Scale-Revised (SPS-R, German version) in adolescents.

    METHODS: A total of 76 adolescents (96% female) completed the SPS-R, the Clinical Psychological Diagnostic System (KPD-38), and a questionnaire assessing demographics and clinical ...

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    BACKGROUND: In spite of the psychosocial burden and medical risks associated with skin picking disorder, the health care system does not provide sufficient treatment for affected individuals to date. Therefore, an internet-based self-help program for skin picking was developed to offer easily accessible support for this population.

    OBJECTIVE: This pilot study evaluated the internet-based self-help program SaveMySkin. The 12-week program is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and ...

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    Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness associated with a heavy symptom burden and high relapse rates. Digital interventions are increasingly suggested as means to facilitate continuity of care, relapse prevention, and long-term disease management for schizophrenia spectrum disorders. In order to investigate the feasibility of a mobile and internet-based aftercare program, a 2-arm randomized controlled pilot study was conducted. The program could be used by patients for six months after ...

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    Skin picking disorder is accompanied by substantial psychosocial impairment and requires adequate treatment. However, literature on help-seeking attitudes and healthcare utilization in affected individuals is scarce. Therefore, the present study sought to investigate help-seeking behavior and experiences, as well as attitudes and expectations towards healthcare utilization in individuals with skin picking. The current sample consisted of 133 affected individuals (mean age: M = 26.67, ...

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    Previous studies suggest elevated prevalence rates of skin picking and self-harm in patients with obesity compared to individuals in the general population. Hence, further studies should investigate prevalence rates and correlates of skin picking in this population - especially its differentiation to self-harm. Skin picking and obesity are both associated with specific facets of impulsiveness. This relation should be explored to shed light on potentially shared mechanisms in etiology. ...

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    Dermatillomania is a psychological condition, which is characterized by recurrent manipulation of one’s own skin leading to substantial medical risks and psychosocial impairment. In 2013 the disorder was recognized as an independent diagnosis in the DSM‑5 and is also included in the ICD-11. The lifetime prevalence is estimated at 1.4%. Healthcare professionals often overlook this disorder due to a lack of knowledge of the diagnosis and the lack of inclusion in clinical standard ...

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