Direct Impact

Concepts for which H Ebner has direct influence:

skin tests
aromatic retinoid
lichen planus
electrophysiologically guided surgery
radiation table
bulge test
pure aluminum

Prominent publications by H Ebner

KOL-Index: 17 24 patients suffering from generalized lichen planus were treated systemically with a aromatic retinoid (RO 10-9359). Initially a dose of 100 mg retinoid per day was administered for 2 to 3 weeks, then the daily intake was reduced slowly. The average duration of treatment was 72 days. This therapy produced a significant improvement in all patients. Lesions recurred during reduction of ...
Known for
Systemic Lichen | Retinoid 9359
KOL-Index: 8 The half-side position is qualified for the radiation after breast-conserving therapy. By this we have a favourable position of the breast without pleats lateral or in the submammary region. To optimize the radiotherapy we developed a new radiation table. This table guarantees a free choosable half-side position of the patient respectively the breast reproducible every time. Until today we ...
Known for
Pleats | Table Breast | Conserving Surgery | Submammary Region
KOL-Index: 7
Known for
Peruvian | Allergologic Relations
KOL-Index: 6 10 worker suffering from occupational vitiligo due to p-tert. butyl phenol have been observed in an Austrian resin factory. The dust concentration and its content of p-tert. butyl phenol in the working area were measured. On the basis of these results preventive measures were taken to reduce the exposure of the workers to p-test butyl phenol. In the presented cases an involvement of internal ...
Known for
Austrian Resin Factory | 10 Worker | Tert Butyl | P-Test
KOL-Index: 6
KOL-Index: 5

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