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    KOL Index score: 11945

    Seventy patients suffering from narcolepsy and eighteen patients with hypersomnia were examined by polygraphic methods. A total of 115 recordings were made.In patients suffering exclusively from narcoleptic attacks only signs of NREM sleep were found. The findings were similar, with one single exception, in patients with hypersomnia.In the group of patients suffering from narcolepsy with cataplexy or sleep paralysis, sleep onset REM periods were noticed in 47.1% of all records. Signs of ...

    Also Ranks for: Rem Sleep |  narcolepsy cataplexy |  narcoleptic attacks |  wake disorders |  eye movements
    KOL Index score: 6739

    A questionnaire survey has been made of the life effects of narcolepsy in 180 patients, 60 each from North American, Asian and European populations, with 180 similarly distributed age and sex matched controls. Life-effects were attributed by the patients to the primary symptoms of excessive daytime drowsiness, sleep attacks, cataplexy, vivid hypnagogic hallucinations and sleep paralysis, and also to other frequent symptoms such as visual problems (blurring, diplopia) and memory ...

    Also Ranks for: Life Effects |  180 patients |  sleep attacks |  memory impairment |  north america
    KOL Index score: 4158

    A recent questionnaire survey of the life-effects of narcolepsy in 180 patients, 60 each from North American, Asian and European populations, compared to similarly distributed age and sex matched controls, documented multiple and marked effects on work, education, driving, accidents, recreation, personality, memory and other parameters. The data have now been further analysed according to the patients' geographic (culturo-genetic) origin and to a number of other patient and illness ...

    Also Ranks for: Life Effects |  recreation personality |  questionnaire survey |  sex matched controls |  male narcolepsy
    KOL Index score: 4120

    1.1. States of lowered vigilance are characterized by EEG rhythms corresponding to the period of transition from awakeness to sleeping. Their appearance in the EEG may, however, be infraclinical.2.2. The author distinguishes four stages of reduced vigilance and describes their morphological appearance, dynamics, reactibility to external stimulation and responses to methods of activation.3.3. Signs of lowered vigilance are most common in narcolepsy and hypersomnia, in organic diseases of ...

    Also Ranks for: Lowered Vigilance |  eeg rhythms |  external stimulation |  electroencephalography humans |  sleep wake
    KOL Index score: 3077

    The correlation of clinical and EEG findings was studied in 40 patients with Wilson's disease and their 57 heterozygous relations (25 children, 30 parents and 2 siblings). EEG changes in Wilson's disease were found in 84% (50% mild, 34% moderate) with but a slight predominance in patients with neurological involvement. The relatively high rate of pathological EEG findings in the hepatic or asymptomatic forms suggested the presence of subclinical CNS damage even in these cases. Diffuse ...

    Also Ranks for: Wilsons Disease |  patients wilson |  adult brain |  hepatolenticular degeneration |  heterozygote humans
    KOL Index score: 1831

    In the course of polygraphic studies of night sleep the authors recorded respiration through the right and left nostrils by means of two thermoelements. They observed a peculiar and unexpected phenomenon: during the REM sleep phase of the 3rd sleep cycle of 4 healthy persons with 6 full night recordings, respiration through the left nostril stopped, whereas it increased both in frequency and amplitude through the right nostril. This type of respiration continued until awakening. In 2 ...

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    KOL Index score: 1822
    Also Ranks for: Negative Narcolepsy |  hla antigens |  dr2 antigen
    KOL Index score: 594
    Also Ranks for: Epilepsy Humans |  hypocalcemia hypoparathyroidism


    Bedrich ROTH: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which Bedrich ROTH is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    tetany autonomic #2
    eeg study tetany #2
    tetany epilepsy humans #3
    pseudohypoparathyroidism tetany #3
    hypoparathyroidism intracranial #4
    vivid hypnagogic hallucinations #4
    polygraphic score #4
    160 lifeeffects items #6
    lifeeffects #6
    accidents recreation #6
    lifeeffects narcolepsy #6
    major life effects #6
    life effects narcolepsy #6
    respondees age #6
    multiple marked effects #6
    recreation personality #6
    geographic origin north #7
    asia automobile #9
    hyperventilation hypocalcemia #9
    personality recreation #9
    factors cataplexy #10
    personality genetic differences #11
    narcolepsycataplexy cases #11
    narcolepsy north #12
    sleep drunkenness #12
    disorders cataplexy #12
    dr2negative narcolepsy #14
    origin driving #15
    narcolepsy antigens hladr2 #18
    hypersomniacs #21
    narcoleptic attacks #22
    lowered vigilance #22
    somnolence hla #23
    cataplexy dreams #23
    suffering narcolepsy #27
    hypersomniac #30
    effects narcolepsy #30
    diseases neurotic #33
    rem cataplexy #36
    cataplexy sleep paralysis #41
    education driving #41
    negative narcolepsy #44
    america personality #50
    rem narcolepsy #51
    narcolepsy reaction #52
    polygraphic findings #54
    narcolepsy hypersomnia #56
    dr2 negative #63
    enuresis epilepsy #66
    cataplexy cases #71

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    J Allan Hobson
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    William C Dement
    rem sleep canine narcolepsy narcoleptic dogs
    Robert W McCarley
    rem sleep schizotypal personality disorder chronic schizophrenia
    Jerome M Siegel
    rem sleep muscle tone blood pressure
    Jacques‐Yves Montplaisir
    rem sleep restless legs syndrome behavior disorder
    Michel Jouvet
    paradoxical sleep posterior hypothalamus locus coeruleus

    Bedrich ROTH:Expert Impact

    Concepts for whichBedrich ROTHhas direct influence:Rem sleep,  Sleep drunkenness,  Sleep deprivation,  Nrem sleep,  Hla dr2,  Life effects,  Eeg recordings,  Narcolepsy hypersomnia.

    Bedrich ROTH:KOL impact

    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Bedrich ROTH has influence:Sleep disorders,  Patients narcolepsy,  Brain arousal,  Hla dr2,  Hypnagogic hallucinations,  Bone fractures,  Idiopathic hypersomnia.



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