• Sleep Drunkenness
  • Sleep Drunkenness

    Sleep Drunkenness: Top KOLs in the world

    William C Dement #1
    William C Dement
    Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, USA. Electron
    Known for Canine Narcolepsy | Narcoleptic Dogs | Pontine Reticular Formation | Heart Rate | Rem Sleep
    Bedrich ROTH #2
    Bedrich ROTH
    Department of Neurology, Charles University Prague, Czechosl
    Known for Lowered Vigilance | Life Effects | Hla Dr2 | 180 Patients | Sleep Drunkenness

    George D Gulevich #3
    George D Gulevich
    Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital | Stanford Univer
    Known for Chronic Schizophrenics | Rorschach Responses | Rem Deprivation | Electroconvulsive Therapy | Eeg Observations
    M Lehovský #4
    M Lehovský
    Department of Medical Genetics, Institute for Child Developm
    Known for Pathophysiological Mechanisms | Narcolepsy Hypersomnia | Prenatal Diagnosis | Gm2 Gangliosidosis | Nrem Sleep
    S Brůhová #5
    S Brůhová
    Department of Neurology, Charles University Medical Faculty,
    Known for Narcolepsy Hypersomnia | Pathophysiological Mechanisms | Paralysis Disturbance | Nrem Sleep
    Gerhard Schmidt #6
    Gerhard Schmidt
    Infineon Technologies AG, Siemensstraße 2, Villach, 9500, Au
    Known for Periodate Oxidation | Numerical Simulations | Mantle Xenoliths | Nucleic Acids | Clearwater East
    Hans Grudden #7
    Hans Grudden
    Psychiatrischen Universitäts-Klinik München, Deutschland
    Known for Rasche Wiederkehr | Rolle Complicationen | Denken Handeln Schlaftrunkenen | Schlusssätzedas Zeichen | Pathologische Schlaftrunkenheit
    Michel M Billiard #8
    Michel M Billiard
    Department of Neurology, Gui de Chauliac Hospital, Montpelli
    Known for Leg Movements | Sleep Disorders | Narcoleptic Subjects | Eeg Arousals | Idiopathic Hypersomnia
    Department of Vascular Surgery, Royal North Hospital, St Leo
    Known for Rem Sleep | Learning Objectives | Heart Rate | Eye Movements | Aged Male
    Allan Rechtschaffen #10
    Allan Rechtschaffen
    University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA | Departments of Psy
    Known for Tsd Rats | Slow Wave Activity | Energy Metabolism | Body Temperature | Sleep Deprivation

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    Recently Asked Questions

    Sleep Drunkenness Sleep drunkenness is a type of parasomnia that occurs when a person is abruptly awaken from sleep and does not immediately wake up feeling rested. Instead,...