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Sleep: Top KOLs in the world

Daniel J Buysse #1
Daniel J Buysse
Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsbur
Known for Chronic Insomnia |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Midlife Women |  Behavioral Treatment |  Sleep Quality
Charles F Reynolds III #2
Charles F Reynolds III
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburg, PA |
Known for Complicated Grief |  Late Life |  Suicidal Ideation |  Depressive Disorder |  Major Depression

Guilleminault Guilleminault #3
Guilleminault Guilleminault
Stanford University Sleep Medicine Division, Stanford, CA 94
Known for Disordered Breathing |  Blood Pressure |  Nasal Cpap |  Upper Airway |  Sleep Apnea
Timothy H Monk #4
Timothy H Monk
Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of
Known for Sleep Quality |  Behavioral Treatment |  Subjective Alertness |  Circadian Rhythms |  Lifestyle Regularity
Susan S Redline #5
Susan S Redline
Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, Departments of Me
Known for African Americans |  Cardiovascular Disease |  Disordered Breathing |  Older Women |  Sleep Apnea
Mary A Carskadon #6
Mary A Carskadon
EP Bradley Hospital Sleep and Chronobiology Research Laborat
Known for Circadian Phase |  Daytime Sleepiness |  Sleep Patterns |  Mental Health |  School Start
AncoliIsrael Ancoli‐Israel #7
AncoliIsrael Ancoli‐Israel
University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California. |
Known for Depressive Symptoms |  Breast Cancer |  Older Women |  Osteoporotic Fractures |  Sleep Apnea
William C Dement #8
William C Dement
Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, USA. Electron
Known for Canine Narcolepsy |  Narcoleptic Dogs |  Pontine Reticular Formation |  Heart Rate |  Rem Sleep
David J Kupfer #9
David J Kupfer
Departments of Psychiatry and Human Genetics, University of
Known for Depressive Disorder |  Rem Latency |  Depressed Patients |  Recurrent Depression |  Eeg Sleep
Thomas G Roth #10
Thomas G Roth
Thomas Roth Sleep Disorders & Research Center, Henry Ford He
Known for Primary Insomnia |  Sleep Disorders |  Sodium Oxybate |  Shift Work


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