• Slow Cooling
  • Slow Cooling

    Slow Cooling: Top KOLs in the world

    Peter Mazur #1
    Peter Mazur
    Fundamental and Applied Cryobiology Group, Biochemistry Cell
    Known for Mouse Oocytes | Unfrozen Fraction | Warming Rate | Intracellular Ice Formation | Salt Concentration
    Gregory M Fahy #2
    Gregory M Fahy
    Century Medicine, Fontana, California, USA | University of M
    Known for Vitrification Solutions | Rabbit Kidneys | Ethylene Glycol | Blood Perfusion | Cryoprotectant Toxicity

    Alan O Trounson #3
    Alan O Trounson
    Cartherics Pty, Ltd., Clayton, VIC 3168, Australia | Carther
    Known for Vitro Fertilization | Stem Cell | Zona Pellucida | Human Oocytes | Embryo Transfer
    Gábor Vajta #4
    Gábor Vajta
    VitaVitro Biotech Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China. | RVT Australi
    Known for Nuclear Transfer | Bovine Embryos | Porcine Oocytes | Developmental Competence | Handmade Cloning
    Stanley P Leibo #5
    Stanley P Leibo
    Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species, New Orlea
    Known for Nuclear Maturation | Canine Oocytes | Sperm Motility | Water Transport | Ovarian Tissue
    Debra A GOOK #6
    Debra A GOOK
    Reproductive Services/Melbourne IVF, The Royal Women's Hospi
    Known for Hodgkin Lymphoma | Slow Cooling | Ovarian Tissue | Fertility Preservation | Human Oocytes
    Stanley P Leibo #7
    Stanley P Leibo
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Baylor College of Me
    Known for Subzero Temperatures | Mouse Ova | Freezing Damage | Water Loss | Intracellular Ice Formation
    David K Gardner #8
    David K Gardner
    Melbourne IVF, Melbourne, VIC, Australia | School of BioScie
    Known for Amino Acids | Embryo Development | Culture Media | Blastocyst Stage | Gene Expression
    Masashige Kuwayama #9
    Masashige Kuwayama
    REPROLIFE, Tokyo, Japan. | Repro Life Co., Tokyo, Japan | Re
    Known for Zona Pellucida | Porcine Oocytes | Cumulus Cells | Cryotop Method | Vitro Fertilization
    Andrea Borini #10
    Andrea Borini
    9.baby, GeneraLife IVF, Bologna - Via Dante 15, 40125, Bolog
    Known for Human Oocytes | Oocyte Cryopreservation | Embryo Transfer | Dna Fragmentation | Mosaic Blastocysts

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