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      Kathy Rickard

      Colorado State University | U Georgia, Athens



      KOL Resume for Kathy Rickard


      Colorado State University


      U Georgia, Athens


      Prominent publications by Kathy Rickard

      KOL-Index: 1325

      Differences between 101 popular and unpopular 3rd and 4th graders were assessed by teacher reports, classroom observations, the Peabody Individual Achievement Test, the Children's Depression Inventory, ratings on role-play situations, interviews that elicited information on Ss' knowledge of social skills, and responses to hypothetical situations. Unpopular Ss were perceived as being more depressed and deviant by teachers than were popular Ss. Classroom observations indicated that ...

      Known for Social Skills | Teacher Reports | Depression Inventory | Children Differences
      KOL-Index: 552

      24 male and 26 female students in introductory psychology completed questionnaires assessing six dimensions of anxiety: planning, doing a library search, administration of a test or instrument, doing statistical analysis, writing out research results, and presenting the results to an advisor or professor. Six applications of Cole and Oetting's Concept-specific Anxiety Scale were utilized to examine the dimensions of trainee-researchers' anxiety and scores on six subscales were analyzed. ...

      Known for Anxiety Female | Implications Discussed

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      Kathy Rickard:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichKathy Rickardhas direct influence:Social skills,  Teacher reports.

      Kathy Rickard:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Kathy Rickard has influence:Peer rejection,  Social competence,  Childhood depression,  Sociometric status,  Depressed children,  Interpersonal theory,  Learned helplessness.



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      Colorado State University | U Georgia, Athens

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